How Accounting Software Helps Business

Why is accounting software useful? More and more organizations are switching to an accounting solution to handle their financials, and as such, there must be a good amount of beneficial reasons why. If you’re considering implementing this system to your business, one of the primary aspects to look into is determining the ways it can help with your accounting and bookkeeping tasks

40 Gym Rules

Stay cool at the gym by following all the unspoken rules at the gym. If you are new to fitness, there’s a lot to be aware of when you join the gym. If you don’t follow the rules, people will start to dislike you and may desire you to not visit the gym. This infographic looks at 40 gyms rules to keep in mind.

The Complete Guide to Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes make up the objects that we see and use on a daily basis. From the circle-shaped button on your shirt to the octagon-shaped stop sign on the corner, basic geometric shapes are everywhere. Here is a visual guide to a wide variety of geometric shapes serves as a great learning resource for students that are just starting to learn geometry.

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Partner

Choosing the right partner is a key factor that could make or break your project’s success. Salesforce is a mighty CRM platform, and that’s why selecting the right partner for Salesforce projects becomes critical, especially when the chances of a CRM project’s failure are as high as 69%. Everyone in the race of winning your business is telling you they’re the best. So, how do you know who to pick?

The 100 Most-Visited Countries Ranked By Their Cannabis Friendliness

Over the past few years, there have been more and more countries where marijuana is legal. It’s often complicated, so here’s a guide to marijuana legalization around the world, pointing out a few safe places to smoke weed as well as countries to avoid while trying to find pot abroad based on The Weed Blog’s Cannabis Friendliness Index.

How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborative work culture is at the core of a modern agile organization. In order to imbibe this culture, more and more businesses are adapting emerging technologies. For example, businesses are realizing the benefits of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, chatbots and blockchain to better collaborate and improve productivity. In this infographic, let’s take a look at how emerging technologies are powering enterprise collaboration.

4 Real Estate Investing Strategies for New Investors

Getting into the business of buying and selling homes can be daunting — especially for new investors. However, just like any other investment, everything revolves around the fundamentals. This infographic is designed to guide new real estate investors and help them get started on achieving those long-term financial goals.

Covid-19 Email Marketing US Consumer Sentiment Survey

emailexpert recently ran a US consumer sentiment surveys around the general feeling towards email marketing in the current Covid-19 climate. “Do you feel brands have sent you too many Coronavirus/Covid-19 related emails?” was the questions posed . The first results came back from the US. The survey has shown a clear divide in how email marketing efforts during the crisis have been perceived differently not just by the sexes but by age as well.

Top 20 Things Recruiters Want From the Candidates

An HR recruiting professional exists to help a job applicant get the job they are looking for. Though the recruiters do not make the final hiring decision in hiring employees, they are tasked with bringing a handful of the most competent candidate to the hiring manager. The following infographic lists 20 of the most common things recruiters want from candidates that you won’t necessarily find in the job description.

How Long are Customers Willing to Wait?

One minute. That’s how long a majority of customers are willing to wait on hold. While phone wait times are often seen as a necessary evil, they’re worthy of a second look. Understanding customer expectations can help business owners develop strategies to combat frustration and build loyalty.