Top 5 Selling Fords of All Time

Ford is one of the most iconic and storied car brands on the road today and has been for the past 100 hundred years. Because of this exceptional legacy, the team at Thorncrest Ford has created an infographic that celebrates Henry Ford’s remarkable achievement that has lived to this day. They chose the top 5 selling Fords of all time as homage.

Want to Work in the Dental Field? Here is How

Anytime you are entering a new career field, it is important to know the financial and educational commitments that come along with it. Whether you want to be a dental assistant, dental hygienist, or a dentist, there is going to be specific requirements involved with each job. Dental health is crucial, so it is safe to say the dental industry isn’t going anywhere.

Wood Planer Buying Guide

A benchtop wood planer is an extremely useful tool when buying rough lumber. If you’re just getting set up with your planer, or looking to purchase one, this infographic will help you understand the basics of what to look for when selecting the Best Wood Planer.

A List of Healthy Foods That Are Actually Fatty

When it comes to getting healthy, general advice usually includes taking on a healthier, cleaner diet to give your body something better to work with. People often cut out sodas and overly fatty foods in favor of juices and reduced fat items in order to get on the right path. However, while some options may seem healthy on the surface because they lack additional fat or dreaded corn syrup, those vacancies can be filled with a surplus of other ingredients that aren’t exactly the healthiest either.

A History Lesson in Aussie Spirit

Australian history has always been a little bit of a mystery to international audiences. Despite Boomerangs, Kangaroos and Steve Irwin, the country from down under remains a bit of an enigma. In this infographic, the team at Optus reviews some of the biggest milestones in Australian history that have contributed to the Australian identity as we know it today.

The Bite Force of 20 Different Animals

This infographic compares the bite force of 20 different animals, ranging from sharks, to dinosaurs, to humans, to dogs, and more. To make the graphic more relatable, readers can imagine what it would feel like to be bitten by one of these animals by comparing it to being crushed by an object in the real world.

Psychological Consequences of a Serious Work Injury

The psychological consequences of a severe work injury can be devastating, and often not discussed enough. If you’ve earned your living by working at heights and on ladders, it can be daunting to imagine heading back to work and doing the same thing ever again. It can take time and money to psychologically heal after a traumatic fall.