114 Dog Breeds Ranked by Temperament

Since 1977, the American Temperament Test Society has been conducting a Temperament Test for dog breeds. The purpose of the test is to measure “stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dog’s instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat.” The following infographic charts out 114 dog breeds ranked by temperament

When is the Right Time to Hire an Accountant?

When it comes to your business’s finances, DIY isn’t always the way to go. You can save money by hiring a professional accountant to give your financials a fresh look. Accountants are skilled at taking an objective look at your finances and offering suggestions on how to make changes that will best suit your business.

Teen Sexting and Parenting Tips to Protect Your Child

Did you know that children as young as 10 years old are involved in sexting and that 54 percent of teens know peers who have sexted? Besides minors putting private pictures on permanent display, there are serious emotional, legal, and sometimes physical consequences of sexting. The following infographic presents the facts about teen sexting, the consequences, and helpful parenting tips for educating, preparing, and protecting children.

Smoking During Pregnancy

Everyone knows the harmful effects of smoking. However, have you ever wondered how cigarettes will affect a pregnant woman, especially with regards to her child? This infographic shows the statistics of mothers who smoke during pregnancy around the US. It also contains some helpful information about the risks and harms, as well as some tips to on how to quit smoking.

How to Find the Right Tutor

This infographic published by SmileTutor provides tips on how to find the right tutor for your kids. It explores 10 major points to consider before hiring a tutor for your child.

How Coffee Can Boost Your Brain Energy

This infographic provides information about how coffee can boosts brain energy. The graphic starts off with a couple of quick facts and then goes on to provide the reasons such as coffee boosts brain energy, coffee reduces depression.

30 Reasons Why Play is Important for Children With Disabilities

Children of all abilities have a right to play, and that includes children with physical, developmental, learning, psychiatric, and neurological disabilities. To put it best, “Play matters because it creates an opportunity to bring out the best in every kid, and it’s an opportunity for kids to really see the best in themselves.” This infographic looks at 30 reasons why play is important for children with disabilities.