Sipping and Clicking: Brits Guilty of Tipsy Online Shopping

Having a drink while shopping online is not an uncommon thing for many in the UK. While many actions ‘under the influence’ are not advised, shopping online seems to be harmless enough and takes the edge off of the cash that is leaving your bank account. This infographic investigates the characteristics of these online shoppers and shares some of the consequences they face while shopping under the influence.

How to Make a Cancer-Fighting Salad

I hate cancer. It has taken more loved ones than I care to mention. Want to help your body fight this terrible disease? The foods you put in your salad can help. Use this handy infographic published by MD Anderson Cancer Center to build a cancer-fighting salad.

The Best and Worst of 2011

SodaHead, an opinion-based site, has come out with an infographic that lists the best and worst reality shows of 2011, based on polling results.What do you think? Do you agree with the results?

A Guide to Child Tax Benefits

The Child Tax Credit was extended until 2012 and you may be able to reduce your federal income tax by up to $1,000 for each qualifying child. Check out this Child Tax Benefit Infographic to see if you qualify for this and other tax deductions and credits.

Cosmetic Surgery in the U.S.

Did you know that in 2010, there were 13.1 million cosmetic procedures performed, an increase of 5% from 2009. This Infographic provides some interesting stats about this ever increasing trend.

Engagements: Will This Season Be Your Season?

In addition to the Christmas and New Years holidays, this time of year also marks “Engagement Season” as more than 1/3 of all couples will get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day! This Infographic from Hearts On Fire provides some insight into the process of buying engagement rings.

Christmas Cocktails From Around the Globe

Santa’s been throwing alcoholic beverages back for a few centuries and has zipped around the world a thousand times, which has been plenty of time to pick up some wicked Christmas cocktail recipes. This infographic from Treetopia includes some of Santa’s favorite mixed drinks from around the globe – complete with easy-to-follow mixing instructions.