Food Labeling and What You Should Know

A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. These techniques, generally known as recombinant DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes. This and other interesting data on food labeling in this infographic.

The Rise of the SoMoLo Shopper

Commerce in Motion offers a compelling and creative look at how current technology trends in social media, mobility, and location-based services are creating a new breed of shopper – the SoMoLo shopper. These are consumers who regularly use social networks and apps, smart phones and location based services as part of their shopping lifestyle.

How To Spot a Yelp User

Yelp users certainly have a unique way of seeing and interacting with the world. You can easily recognize one by their penchant for food photography and need to review everything from parking lots to laundromats.This infographic takes a humorous look at the average Yelp user.

The Benefits of Payroll Software

There are two primary methods of dealing with payroll; use dedicated payroll software or completing the paperwork and other elements manually. This infographic provides a short summary of some of the common payroll related tasks that a manager would need to carry out on a typical day. It then looks at how long these tasks would take using both payroll software as well manual payroll methods.

7 Reasons Nothing Leaves Las Vegas

Vacationing in Vegas is an American “rite of passage.” Last year alone the city drew 39 million families, retirees, bachelorettes and bros and there are 7 things they could all tell you about Vegas. This infographic takes a peek at Sin City’s crazy tourism industry.

The Truth About Facebook Depression

This infographic does not necessarily convey the message that Facebook causes depression because there is no data to support it. Instead, it illustrates how we use Facebook to share our thoughts, feelings, and personal interests.

Sipping and Clicking: Brits Guilty of Tipsy Online Shopping

Having a drink while shopping online is not an uncommon thing for many in the UK. While many actions ‘under the influence’ are not advised, shopping online seems to be harmless enough and takes the edge off of the cash that is leaving your bank account. This infographic investigates the characteristics of these online shoppers and shares some of the consequences they face while shopping under the influence.