Maternity Leave: American Moms Deserve Better

Some Americans believe that emerging nations are unable to provide basic necessities and that so-called socialist states are indifferent to individual needs. The numbers tell a happier story, in regards to newborns and mothers across the globe. But how about those in America?

Bridesmaids by the Numbers

Wedding tradition stands strong when it comes to bridesmaids. Of the 11 million bridesmaids in action each year, brides still like having this entourage to help her stand out. What’s probably changed the most is the cost of being a bridesmaid. There’s no getting around it—it’s an expensive honor as this infographic from LookLoveSend will reveal.

Strange Taxes & Deductions

Whether you’re getting bagels sliced in New York or donating deceased deer to the poor in South Carolina, there are a ton of strange taxes and deductions out there. This infographic from Liberty Tax details some of them, just in time for tax season.

Dream On: The Importance of Sleep

Good ol’ sleep – there are those who love it too much and those who think it a hindrance to productivity. This infographic showcases some studies on just how dangerous—and costly—sacrificing sleep can be, and concludes with some facts on how you can try and improve your sleep quality if it’s something you struggle with.

Are We Suckers for Infomercials?

“But wait, there’s more!” is the soundtrack of late-night television and a call to arms for millions of American consumers. Since its inception 20 years ago, the infomercial industry has become an integral part of television culture. CouponCabin takes a closer look at who is purchasing and how much is being purchased in this infographic.

Pregnancy Week By Week

It’s common knowledge that the act of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman can result in pregnancy. But what happens from the time of conception to the actual birth? This infographic explains the process on a week by week basis.

Valentine’s Day: 14 Signs He’s Into You

It’s Valentine’s Day – a day of romance, love and time to pay special attention to that significant other in your life. This infographic from My Safety Sign list 14 items you ladies can check off to learn if that special guy in your life “is into you.”

Weddings Are Freakin’ Expensive

Sure your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life but why do they have to be so freakin’ expensive? I’m not sure who is the original creator of this infographic but it does provide some interesting data on how much weddings cost, who pays for them and even provides some cost-saving tips on having a wedding on a budget.

How Can Social Media Get You Fired?

It’s hard to stop them – that is employees spending time on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others. But when is too much too much? At what point can social media cost you your job? This infographic takes a look at this interesting question.