The Simple Guide to Business Blogging

You have a business and a blog… but what should you write about? How do you actually get people to notice? This step-by-step guide from Simply Business has you covered. The interactive graphic takes business bloggers through the entire process:

WordPress Guide for Small Business

Want to starting blogging for your small business but don’t know where to start? With a variety of blogging platforms available it’s super easy to get started. The interactive roadmap is filled with articles, videos, and blog posts that take small business bloggers step-by-step though the creation process

Hiring Your First Employee

You’re a small business owner who is expanding. Congratulations. Growing your small business is a long and sometimes never-ending journey. Each journey begins with a single step and to help small business owners out there the UK based firm, Simply Business, has put...

Italian Wine Pairing 101

Italy has been making wine for over 2800 years and is the largest wine producing country in the world. Italian wine is often named after the region or town where the grapes are grown – which can become confusing. This easy to use interactive infographic from Charming Sardinia shows exactly which Italian wine to pair with your food or vice versa.

Blood Diamonds On The High Street

In 2003 the United Nations introduced the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) to certify that diamonds are conflict free. The KPCS defines conflict diamonds as those which are funding rebel armies in areas of conflict. One flaw in the process is that it does not recognize governments who are committing acts of violence in their own country.