Why Every Business Should Use Facebook

The folks at GroSocial are always working to sift social media myths from social media facts. As part of this effort, they work with leading digital agencies and marketing groups to help them better understand Facebook and what the social network can do for the average business owner.

Automotive History: Car Brand Logos & Retired Vehicles

This Automotive History infographic showcases the history of car brand logos and retired vehicles. The history and evolution of automobiles helps us see and realize how far the automotive industry has come in such a short period of time and how we got there. As technological advances continue and consumer needs change, so do the vehicle models released and retired by the car companies.

Is Mobile Healthcare the Future?

Is mobile healthcare the future? It is looking that way. Mobile health or mHealth is projected to be a 26 billion dollar industry by 2017. With over 97,000 health and fitness related mobile apps currently on Google Play and Apple App Store, and 4 million downloads per day, it is difficult to deny the rising popularity of the industry.

Top Reasons for Small Business Success and Failure

Every morning across America, a small business owner wakes up with the intention of doing what he or she enjoys most – growing their company, earning a living, and determining their own path in this world. These are the fundamental drivers behind our national entrepreneurial spirit, the motivators of our 29.6 million small business owners, and the reasons our pioneering leaders wake up and tackle each new day.

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Cars

Just when you thought you knew everything about cars, think again! In this infographic, eTitle Loan uncovers some quirky 15 facts about cars that you most likely have never heard about. For instance, did you know that the first car race was in 1895 with an average speed of 71 mph? Or that the very first speeding ticket was in 1902?

HTML5 Popularity Among Fortune 500 Companies

Corporations that want a functional, knockout website in today’s mobile marketplace are increasingly doing so using HTML5. In fact, over 30% of Fortune 500 companies are taking advantage of all the markup language has to offer as of July this year. Check out the following infographic to learn more about HTML5’s popularity among Fortune 500 companies.

Top 7 Reasons to Spend Your Summer in Las Vegas

What about summer makes this time of year so great? Is it the sunshine? The days by the pool? The warm nights, late parties, or the feeling that it’ll never end? It’s hard to define why we love this season, but as far as summertime goes, Las Vegas must be doing something right. Every year this sunny destination attracts almost 35 million tourists from around the world (9 million of them choosing to visit during the summer months)—and there’s more than one reason.

How Social Media is Changing the World

Social media has become a huge part of our daily lives and how we communicate with those around us, so it’s no surprise it is having a major impact on our culture and how we view the world. People spend an average of 3 hours a day on social media. What is everyone looking at? Everything apparently. From breaking news to who we vote for and how we shop, social media is changing the world as we know it.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Did you know that how you write can indicate more than 5,000 personality traits? The size of your letters, spacing between words, shapes of letters and more can all signify different characteristics. Handwriting analysis (also known as graphology) can even be used for detecting lies and revealing possible health ailments.