Most Annoying Features of Windows 8

Frustrated with the newest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 8? You’re not alone. As soon as the new operating system launched, the complaints and criticisms started to roll in. Chassis Plans has put together this interesting infographic that highlights some of the most loathed features of Windows 8. Starting with the famed disappearance of the Start Menu, this informative graphic outlines each annoying feature and when possible suggests one or more ways to get around or fix the problem feature.

The Island of Barbados

The Caribbean island of Barbados has scenic attractions like no other place in the world. Crane Beach in Barbados is recognized as one of the world’s top 10 beautiful beaches, with white sand, clear blue water and extraordinary cliffs. Animal Flower Cave has a coral floor that is nearly 500,000 years old, and Harrison Cave has stalactites and streams from natural waterfalls.

The Ultimate Guide to Fresh Juicing

There are tons of incredible health benefits from drinking fresh juice that many people aren’t aware of. Research has found that drinking fresh pressed juice can improve sleep, increase energy, decrease stress, and even lead to a long life. The following infographic breaks down these benefits along with the differences between pasteurized juice and fresh juice, and much more.

Ten Most Common Profile Pics and Their Meaning

When you post a profile photo on your social media site, what is it saying about you? Is it a photo you dug out of your 10-year-old scrapbook when you were younger and cuter? Is it showing off your fancy world traveling? Or is it the one of you with your friends but your friends are cropped out because you’re really the most important one anyway?

The Local Consumer’s Digital Path to Purchase

Inevitably, the path to purchase has become much more complex with the advancement of digital media. While buyers once heavily relied on word of mouth recommendations, they now have a proliferating number of channels to research and evaluate who or where to buy from. This is especially confusing for business owners, who must adapt to all the directories, social media sites, and apps that people are using to find local businesses.

True Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is much more than a day for barbecuing and cars sales. Traditions have been lost over the years as many Americans may not recall the true meaning of this day, which is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. The following infographic by Low VA Rates provides more information about this National Day of Remembrance.

How Smartphones Are Saving Lives

As the years go by, technology improves all the more, for example from making life easier to making life safer. Check out the following infographic which illustrates how smartphones, such as the iPhone, are saving lives.

The Perfect Gift For Any Type of Mom

Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s day 2013 can be a daunting task. What gift is special enough to give to the person who has always cared for and loved you? We have created this gift guide to identify the perfect gift for any type of mother. Whether she enjoys tending to her garden, cozying with a book by the fire, or hosting small get-togethers, the following infographic has the perfect gift for her.

10 Reasons Why You’ll Be Buried Alive

Producing more trash than any other country in the world, America throws away more than 500 billion pounds of trash per year, with each person throwing a stunning 4.4 pounds of trash away per day. Did you know that 1 plastic bottle takes 700 years to begin composting? Read on to discover more shocking facts in the “10 Reasons Why You’ll be Buried Alive” infographic from KirbyBuilt.