The Future of Google Analytics 4

Google recently announced that the current version of Google Analytics will stop processing data in the second half of 2023, with the user interface shutting down in 2024. Users will have to move over to Google Analytics 4 if they wish to continue to use Google for their analytics needs. Learn more about the future of Google Analytics 4 in the following infographic.

A Look at the Financial War

The Russia / Ukraine conflict is a battle not just with the military. Learn more about the financial war happening with sanctions, banks, and cryptocurrency in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of the United States Gold Bureau.

Online Resources for Domestic Violence

A shocking 243 million women and girls experience intimate partner violence each year. If you see the signs, get help – make sure that you have access to online resources for domestic violence. Learn more in the infographic below, courtesy of Appriss.

Inflation’s Impact on Gas and Car Insurance

We’ve all seen a dramatic rise of the price of gas at the pump. What steps are drivers doing to try to deal with the additional costs of inflation on gas and car insurance? Learn more for some tips that can help save your wallet, courtesy of

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy now, pay later has been a method of financing that’s been in even greater demand since the pandemic started. Learn more about how buy now pay later can help consumers over traditional payment methods in the following infographic.

How to Overcome Unlimited Screen Time

We all know that unlimited screen time isn’t a good idea, but why do we do it anyway? Reclaim your brain: learn more about the dangers of unlimited screen time, how it’s become even more prevalent in children during the pandemic, and a better way forward in the infographic below.

How to Overcome Poor Sleep With High-Quality Linens

So many of us are not only sleep deprived when it comes to the number of hours per night, but also lack quality sleep in the hours that we do sleep. Minor refinements to your routine such as high-quality linens can make a huge difference – learn more in the infographic below.

Outdoor Exploration For All

Whether we are working remote or back in the office, we could all use a break. Yet over 55% of Americans don’t use all of their available paid time off. It’s time to explore the outdoors and rebalance our lives. More in the infographic below, courtesy of BookOutdoors.