The Psychology Of Space

Your home is a great place to have your mind, body, and soul at ease. Unfinished projects can cause so much mental and physical stress – but there’s hope. Your surroundings affect you more than you may realize. Learn more about the psychology of space in this infographic.

Reimagining Your Career Past 50

4 in 5 Baby Boomers expect to keep working rather than retire due to financial necessity. Greypreneurs and the gig economy may be the answer to overcoming ageism in the workplace. Learn more about the rise of the greypreneur from this infographic from Best Masters Programs.

Can AI Replace Your Manager?

Payroll managers face a 96% chance of automation in the near future ー And they’re not the only ones at risk. AI can do a lot of things, including helping out around the office. But at this point in time, can AI replace your manager? Check out this infographic from MBA Central to find out.

The Evolution Of Coffee Culture

Coffee culture has always changed to suit our needs, and today our daily cup of coffee is often fancier and more expensive than our parents’ counterparts. Learn more about the evolution of coffee culture from this infographic, courtesy of Rave Reviews.