Psychics, Paranormal Beliefs, And Beyond

Could there be more to the world than what we can see and test? The following infographic reveals some of the interesting things that people believe in. This includes the number of people that believe in psychics (54%), the number of Iclelanders that believe in invisible elves (54%) and how the CIA invested in programs to harness psychic energy.

Trade School Vs Community College

Which is right for recent high school grads – trade school or community college? Can you earn the same as someone with a bachelor’s degree for 18% of the cost? Learn more about affordable education options within this infographic from Degree Query.

The Dark Side Of Crypto

While there are many potential benefits to cryptocurrency, one has to acknowledge this new form of money has gotten a bad reputation as well. There are many reasons as to why criminals are drawn to Bitcoin and other similar currencies. Even so, it remains to be seen how long this situation will remain in place. Learn more about the dark side of crypto in this infographic.

The Role Of AI In Customer Experience

Customer experience is a driving force behind any company’s success or failure, but can AI really help? With the capability to not only process data, but predict insights and drive business decisions, AI will be the cornerstone in the future of customer service...