Calculating the ROI of Corporate Learning

With high stakes in a down economy, it’s time to make sure that your corporate learning efforts are in fact working as they should. Learn more about calculating the ROI of corporate learning in the following infographic, courtesy of Arist.

How to Return to the Office With Confidence

Many are now required to return to the office – is your job requiring you to do so next? Be sure to look your best on your return to work – perhaps plastic surgery will help? Check out the infographic below, courtesy of Sieber Plastic Surgery for more details.

What is Cloud Monitoring?

What exactly is cloud monitoring and how can it protect you from cyber threats? Learn more about how cloud security must be taken seriously in the infographic below, courtesy of Live Action.

What Does AI Need From Humans

You don’t have to be afraid of AI – it isn’t coming for all of the jobs or to take over the world. AI needs humans for creativity, sentience, and adaptability. Learn more about what AI needs from humans in this infographic from Academic Influence.

Taking the Transfer Path for College

Transfer students actually have quite a leg up in terms of finishing college. Learn more about this phenomena and how it might be your way toward a 4 year degree in the infographic below, courtesy of the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative.

Exploring Commercial Real Estate Options

If you are looking for different asset classes to invest in, perhaps it is time to explore commercial real estate options, in particular Orange County, NY commercial real estate and surrounding areas. Learn more in the infographic below.

A Guide to Generative AI and Marketing

Just because generative AI has been grabbing all of the headlines doesn’t mean that you understand all of the useful tools at your fingertips. Learn more about how generative AI and marketing are changing the game in the infographic below, courtesy of Nova.

Supporting Student Basic Needs

Did you know that many college students don’t have enough to eat and some are even homeless? It doesn’t have to be this way. Learn more about how organizations are more mindfully supporting student basic needs in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of the Kentucky Student Success Collaborative.