The Science & Tech Behind Next-Gen Education

Technology provides a way to show students a wider range of opportunities, and in-class video use and EdTech chatbots seem to be doing wonders. BestEducationDegrees explains how the future of education will become more personalized by implementing technology. What will the classrooms of the future look like?

How Gen Z Is Reshaping The College Years

For Gen Z, it’s all about employment, but unemployment numbers don’t tell the whole story. In the following infographic, OnlineCollegePlan explains how Gen Z is doing college differently. Will Gen Z’s bet on education pay off?

A Day in the Life of The Email Economy

58% of people check their email first thing in the morning, even before social media, news sites, or Google. By next year, 126.7 trillion emails will be sent every year. Is email really dead? TimeToReply says no, and explains why email responsiveness is important.

Data Theft: Protecting Your Data From Physical Theft

Accident loss and device theft are the biggest physical threats to your data. In 2018, credit and debit card fraud resulted in losses of nearly $28 billion. As data security grows more advanced, so do scammers. Computer Science Degree Hub explains how you can protect yourself from fraud and counterfeit in the infographic below.