Will Web3 Change the Way We Work?

The institution of work has dramatically changed. Between remote work, the global pandemic, and Web3 technologies, it’s a far cry to the limited options of the past. See how Web3 is changing the future of work in the following infographic.

Like Your Glasses? Replacement Lenses are Here

Fall is coming: back to school and time to change up your style game. That is, but do you really need yet another pair of glasses when you like the frames you already have? Perhaps it’s time to explore the wide array of replacement lenses that are available to you. More in the infographic below, courtesy of LensFactory.

Infection Control and Support are Needed in Nursing Homes

It’s time to properly recognize the heroes amid the global pandemic – all of them. Why think of only healthcare workers while punishing nursing home workers with too many penalizing moves as opposed to supporting them and giving them infection control measures? Learn more in the thoughtful infographic below, courtesy of IPCWell for more.

Why Are Probiotics Necessary?

Your health is your wealth. If you are looking to up your game in this area, it may be time to consider probiotics in your diet. Learn more about the world of probiotics in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Nouri.

The Future of Google Analytics 4

Google recently announced that the current version of Google Analytics will stop processing data in the second half of 2023, with the user interface shutting down in 2024. Users will have to move over to Google Analytics 4 if they wish to continue to use Google for their analytics needs. Learn more about the future of Google Analytics 4 in the following infographic.

A Look at the Financial War

The Russia / Ukraine conflict is a battle not just with the military. Learn more about the financial war happening with sanctions, banks, and cryptocurrency in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of the United States Gold Bureau.

Online Resources for Domestic Violence

A shocking 243 million women and girls experience intimate partner violence each year. If you see the signs, get help – make sure that you have access to online resources for domestic violence. Learn more in the infographic below.

Inflation’s Impact on Gas and Car Insurance

We’ve all seen a dramatic rise of the price of gas at the pump. What steps are drivers doing to try to deal with the additional costs of inflation on gas and car insurance? Learn more for some tips that can help save your wallet, courtesy of BuyAutoInsurance.com.