The Benefits of Insurance Card Scan in Healthcare

With the technological advances in the market with insurance card scan, all parties benefit. Office staff no longer need to waste time with manual input and costly errors. Learn more on how insurance card scan in healthcare has improved efficiency in the following visual deep dive.

Pneumatic Tube Systems in Hospitals

Ever wonder how much effort is needed to efficiently transport items around enormous hospital systems and campuses? This is one of the reasons why pneumatic tube transport systems are so important. Learn more about their inner workings in the following infographic.

Guide to Bedding: A Key to Better Sleep

We all know that restful sleep is one of the keys to better health and a more productive life. Why don’t we spend enough time finding the right bedding and sheets as well as proper washing and care? Learn more in the following infographic.

Why is Live Video So Powerful?

What exactly is it about live video that consumers love so much? Perhaps it is the aspect of showing the genuine, real rawness of the people that are behind the brands. Learn more on why you should embrace live video in your business in the following visual deep dive.

Why Gold is a Good Bet Against Inflation

Alas, it appears that we are entering a bear (or down) stock market. This could really wreak havoc on your investments and finances. That’s why it may be a good time to consider gold as an investment hedge against inflation. Learn more on this in the following infographic.

Will Web3 Change the Way We Work?

The institution of work has dramatically changed. Between remote work, the global pandemic, and Web3 technologies, it’s a far cry to the limited options of the past. See how Web3 is changing the future of work in the following infographic.

Like Your Glasses? Replacement Lenses are Here

Fall is coming: back to school and time to change up your style game. That is, but do you really need yet another pair of glasses when you like the frames you already have? Perhaps it’s time to explore the wide array of replacement lenses that are available to you. More in the infographic below, courtesy of LensFactory.

Infection Control and Support are Needed in Nursing Homes

It’s time to properly recognize the heroes amid the global pandemic – all of them. Why think of only healthcare workers while punishing nursing home workers with too many penalizing moves as opposed to supporting them and giving them infection control measures? Learn more in the thoughtful infographic below, courtesy of IPCWell for more.