The Most Social Colleges

Have you ever wondered how social your college is, or if they are social at all? Social media is a great way for colleges to stay in touch with students and faculty, and to send them updates quickly. This infographic highlights some of the most social colleges.

The Science of Beer Goggles

Have you ever wondered why after a few drinks people start to look more attractive, and you start to be more flirty? Well, wonder no more. This infographic presented by Free illustrates the science behind the dreaded beer goggles. Check it out below to learn more.

Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick

If you really think about, we can all be kind of gross. A lot of people admit to not washing their hands after using the restroom, among many other dirty habits. This infographic presented by ionSwipes highlights some dirty habits as well as some alarming stats. Check it out below to learn more.

Baconomy: The Art of Bacon Barter

As part of a strategic marketing plan by Oscar Mayer, Josh has taken on the task of bacon barterer. With only 3,000 pounds of bacon to barter with Josh hopes to make it all the way to L.A. from New York, and he has done pretty well so far. Check out this infographic presented by to find out more about the bacon barter.

It’s Alive! The Social Media Monster

We all, at one point or another, have fallen into the social media trap; telling ourselves we are only going to look at something for a minute, and then an hour goes by. Now, when you are at home, this may not be that big of a deal, but at work, it’s a big no-no. The infographic below presented by RedeApp illustrates how social media can put a major damper on business productivity.

You Are Not Special But Your Purchases Are

We live in a day where the more you know about someone, the better. For retailers this couldn’t be more true. Today, retailers are picking up on your shopping habits and using them to custom tailor coupons and offers specifically with you in mind.

The Two Income Trap

Where have the good days gone? In the 1950s everything was so simple. You had your little house, one car, and everything was affordable. Today, everything seems to be too expensive and there are millions of people living in poverty. Could it be the two income trap?

Graphic Design is Good for Business

Graphic design is everywhere and is a huge part of many businesses. One of the biggest parts of a business is their online website. Almost everyone uses the internet to find what they are looking for, and if your website isn’t eye catching and user friendly, then you have problems.

The Luxurious Guide to Mailing Your Family

Have you ever wished you could mail your family somewhere? Well, unfortunately, even if you wanted to you couldn’t, but for the sake of fun this infographic presented by tells you what you would need to do if you ever wanted to mail a loved one.

The Problem With Projects

If projects give you the willies, you’re not alone. More often than not, the project train ends up on the figurative snowbank beside the tracks. In fact, projects get derailed (pun definitely intended) mostly because of a lack of direction, resources, communication, and information.