How To Win Big in the App Market

First, take a look at Hothead Games. This company is an independent game development studio that focuses on mobile games. One success, “Big Win Soccer,” spiked to the top of the charts after only two days. Then, throw in a company called Cloudant, the world’s first globally distributed data layer as a service for loading, storing, analyzing, and distributing application data, to help do what they do, i.e. database management. What followed was a multitude of successful sports apps in multiple countries around the world.

The History of American Gambling

Gambling has been an American tradition since the 1600’s. It’s one of America’s favorite past times and will continue to be one for many years to come. However, have you ever wondered how gambling has changed over the years? Well, wonder no more. This infographic presented by takes you through the history of American gambling.

Great Depression vs Great Recession

It has been said that the great recession is comparable to the great depression. The great recession hit the nation hard, but so did the great depression. This infographic illustrates the comparison of the great depression and the great recession. They have quite a few similarities and differences. Take a look at the infographic to learn more.

Is College Still Worth It?

Do you think college is too expensive? Well 75% of Americans do. The tuition is a huge factor for a lot of people looking into colleges. Yes, there are scholarships and loans to assist you along your college path but sometimes scholarships aren’t enough or loans get too expensive.

Credit Cards Go Social

Credit cards have gone social, just like everything else these days. Social media has proven to be a great marketing tool, especially for targeting college students. Since the passage of the CARD act, credit card companies have been seeking out new ways to reach college students since they can longer pitch one campus. This infographic presented by Card Hub highlights how credit cards have gone social as well as some of their strategies.

Why Does Insurance Drop When You’re 25?

Car insurance can be costly, this we know. But one of the biggest questions many have with regards to car insurance is, why does it go down when we turn 25 and why do you have to be 25 to rent a car? This infographic illustrates the many reasons why you must be 25 to rent a car and why car insurance drops after your turn 25.

Saving A Pet Might Just Save Your Life

For some people, pets are their best friends. They provide unconditional love and companionship. But for those who aren’t pet owners – listen up. Owning a pet can have significant physical and mental health benefits. They can help you to live longer and even relieve stress and anxiety. This infographic illustrates how saving a pet might save your life.

The Great App-splosion

Businesses are always looking for new ways to become more efficient. Smart phones started the mobility wave and now tablets are keeping it going. Tablets are growing in popularity among businesses, especially large ones. Take a look at this infographic presented by Click Software that illustrates how tablets and app development is blowing up the mobile market.