You can test your breath by cupping your hands around your mouth and nose and breathing into your hand. What do you smell? If you don’t find the scent agreeable, then neither will other people. This infographic from TheraBreath shows just how bad your breath can get just from eating certain foods or going for a few hours without brushing.

Granted, your breath isn’t supposed to smell like flowers and perfume, but it’s not exactly supposed to smell like a sewer either. Fortunately, bad breath doesn’t have to spell the beginning of the end for your social life. By following a few simple tips, you can quickly and easily enhance your breath on the spot. It’s a huge confidence booster when you can speak to people in close proximity without feeling self-conscious.

Beating Bad Breath

Irma Wallace

Irma Wallace

Co-founder and Vice President of SearchRank, responsible for many of the day to day operations of the company. She is also founder of The Arizona Builders’ Zone, a construction / home improvement portal.

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