Business Infographics

The Many Faces of Business Conference Attendees

If you have ever attended a trade show / business conference you most likely noticed the diverse types of people present. From the gadget geek to the slick salesman, you can categorize just about everyone in the room. This Infographic takes a look at some of those types.

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Ten Core Innovation Strategies of New Product Leaders

What are the essential elements or the genetic structure of a high-performance team? After poring through 60 years of industry research and talking to dozens of companies, Ronald Brown has identified 10 core innovation strategies of new product leaders in this Infographic.

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How Diversity in the Workplace Can Help Drive Success

As companies continue to expand globally, executives understand that they can’t be successful if they ignore diversity and inclusion strategies. As more social business tools enter the workplace, it is becoming easier to bring diverse groups of people together to collaborate more effectively on projects and innovate even faster.

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