Browser Wars Timeline: 1994-2022

While some users may indifferently use any browsers they find on their computer, many others use to define a specific web browser as their favorite one. In any case, you may have wondered where your favorite browser comes from, how it has reached its current position today, and how it has changed over time.

The Giants of Digital Society

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are tech giants and monopolizers of the new economy. All the basic functions for the existence of the digital man depend on the services provided by these companies, so they are destined to dominate all ranges of future sales and income. However, the analysis carried out by the team at SlotVegas highlighted that two new digital sectors today have a higher turnover than these companies.

Alternative Energy Sources To Power Your Car

Whether you’re interested in green energy or are considering buying an alternative-powered car further down the line, the team at CarRentals recently published their ranking of the most promising alternative energy sources. This includes the most comm sources like electric/battery, biodiesel and hydrogen cell fuel to more intriguing ideas like sewage, coffee, and chocolate.

51 Ways to Make Fast Cash

If you’re ever been in a pinch where you could use fast cash to cover the cost of bills or expenses, then check out the following infographic which features 51 ways to make fast cash. Even though each one is not an instant payday, you can use many of the ideas to make cash fast.

Phantom Traffic Jams: An Urban Mystery Exposed

An accident, construction or someone simply pulled over on the side of the road can all cause traffic congestion, especially during rush hour as commuters try to get home. However, there isn’t always a clear cut reason for a backed up highway, and sometimes there seems to be no reason at all. This phenomenon is known as a phantom traffic jam, and its an urban mystery that plagues most of the nation.

How Solar Panels Work

Humans have been trying to harness the sun’s energy for most of history, but it was the invention of the first photovoltaic cell by French physicist Edmond Becquerel in 1839 that finally made solar energy possible on a grander scale. The following animated infographic covers the science behind how solar panels work.

7 Ways Millennials Benefit From Their Love of Plants

Countless studies have explored the benefits of plants on humans and in recent years, the boom of the millennial houseplant trend has seen news headlines mock their obsession with nature. Call it an extension of environmentalism or a need for a sense of ownership, but the growth of the eco-conscious, plant-loving millennial surpasses aesthetic reasons and may even contribute to growing life expectancy in the future.