How COVID-19 Has Affected the Restaurant & Hospitality Industry

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the restaurant and hospitality industry. But just how bad have things become? In this infographic, Kitchenall takes a deep dive using available data from studies and credible publications to give you an outlook on how bad things have gotten and whether or not there is reason for optimism as the country reopens to dining in and traveling out

Impact of Covid-19 on B2B Sales

Many B2B buyers are skeptical about spending on new products or services, plummeting the sales to an all-time low. Whether it is the tech giants or SMB’s, most of the organizations are going back to the boardroom and re-evaluating the strategies. The following infographic explores the impact of COVID-19 on B2B sales covering a wide range of industries.

Security & Beyond: Introduction To Electronic Access Control Systems

Keeping your organization safe is always top of mind. The more sensitive your operation, the more secure it must remain. Electronic Access Control Systems are smart security measures that can be implemented in offices/businesses to allow access only to authorized people. Here is an infographic that presents an introduction to Electronic Access Control Systems.

The Psychology of Naming Your Business

65% of people in America dream of starting a business. The first step in doing so? Choosing a great name. Find out how you can do so in this beautiful infographic, courtesy of WPBeginner – the ultimate WordPress resource guide. Have you picked a good name for your business?

Measuring Qualitative Data

When it comes to getting a holistic and comprehensive understanding of your data, it’s important to think beyond the numbers. Qualitative data holds a piece of the data story that allows us to dig a little deeper, fill in the gaps, and provide context and complementary value to the quantitative analyses we run day in and day out. iDashboards has created this infographic to guide you through not only why qualitative data matters to your business right now.

Preparing Your E-Commerce Business for the 2020 Holidays

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has propelled eCommerce business owners to achieve record-breaking sales. With the continued demands and to keep up with the holidays, merchants must start managing their inventories now. For the 2020 holiday shopping season, PinnacleCart has created an infographic that will help you prepare your eCommerce store for this unprecedented holiday sales season.