Anatomy of a Work Order Management Process

The best way to ensure that certain work will get done is to describe the work that needs to be performed, assign it to someone, and place a realistic due date for its completion. In the following infographic, learn how the work order management process looks in practice.

The World’s 100 Most Valuable Brands & When They Were Founded

Did you know that the average age of the 100 most valuable brands in the world is an incredible 89.43 years, with 40 of the top brands having been founded more than 100 years ago? The information gathered from Forbes and Wikipedia and compiled into an infographic, lays out the 100 most valuable brands across the globe and what year they were founded.

Restaurant Recovery: Contactless Dining, Labor Optimization & the Customer Journey

Restaurants must function at 75% capacity in order to achieve profitability. With many restaurants operating at 50% capacity or less, how do they make up the remaining 25%? The three main contributing factors are contactless dining, labor optimization and changing the customer journey. Learn more about how restaurants are recovering during the COVID-19 pandemic in this infographic.

Linkedin Success Story

LinkedIn is one of the most popular networking sites across the world. The company earns a revenue of almost US$ 6.8 billion, and has 20,500 employees. It has a strong customer base in more than 200 countries. Just how did LinkedIn became the world’s biggest professional network? LinkedIn’s unique success story can be seen in this infographic.

COVID-19 – Getting Back to Business

According to the Centers for Disease Control, as of July 1, 2020, the number of both confirmed and presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 had reached 2,624,873 with 127,299 deaths reported among these cases. Here is an infographic that visually displays survey results that summarize the effects of COVID-19 on businesses and their employees.

Defining the Role of Bookkeeper in Your Business

Bookkeeping can seem like a hassle, especially when you’re overseeing numerous functions of your business. Bookkeepers play a vital role in the maintenance of financial records for businesses. For more understanding of a bookkeeper’s role in your business, check out this infographic by Cogneesol.

5 Habits of Successful Customer Service Agents

Some find working at customer support stressful, while others have cracked the tricks to scoring high in every customer interaction. It could very well be that there are innate qualities that make it easier for some people to succeed in this field. In this infographic, Klaus looks at 5 habits of successful customer service agents.