Wage Theft is a Huge Problem

America’s low-wage workers are protected by federal law, or so in theory! The vast majority of employees are entitled to at least the federal minimum wage and overtime pay under the under the Fair Labor Standards Act for any and all hours worked over 40 in a week. However, in practice, employers routinely cheat their workers out of both. It’s called wage theft and it’s a massive problem.

Emotional Intelligence is Crucial for Success in the Workplace

There’s a growing body of compelling research correlating high emotional intelligence with success at work. Emotional intelligence in the workplace (EQ) is becoming a pretty hot topic for business, maybe even bordering on buzzword territory. But don’t be tempted to ignore this as just another fad.  Emotional intelligence in the workplace is critical to being successful in your career and as a whole organization.

The Economics of a Bad Review

As business owners and marketers, we all fear the inevitable “bad review.” A single bad review can spread like wildfire, instantly changing and damaging the way that clients view your brand. The following infographic by SOCi looks at the economics of a bad review and shows just how important managing your reputation online is to your business.

16 Ways To Earn More and Make Your Customers Love You

You want to rapidly increase sales, sign ups, or simply clicks on a button, but how do you get started? There are thousands of things you could do and some work better than others. It can be challenging to choose. Here’s a comprehensive checklist compiled by Asgard Analytics of 16 essential things you could do to rapidly improve your website so you can earn more and make your customers love you.

How to Transform a Boring Office Into a Flexible Workspace

Employers tend to take their workforce for granted instead of taking care of them. You may not be aware that you’re putting your employees’ productivity and quality of work at risk by not addressing their needs. It may not seem like a lot, but something as simple as giving employees the right place to work is one of the ways you can boost your company’s success.

Common Reasons Businesses Have Financial Issues

It’s important for businesses to keep a close eye on their financial situation and properly track each and every transaction made. It allows a business to see how well they’re doing, if they’re on target, and most importantly if their finance is managed correctly it offers little room for mistakes and issues. Every business owner knows the importance of their finances, yet so many are falling into problems.

Booming Markets

Across the UK, new businesses are being born and grown every single day, with a nation of entrepreneurs trying to make their way in the world. Circle Research have put together the numbers for you, to see just how business is booming in the UK.

How Not to Bid for Office Cleaning

In the following infographic by Master Cleaners who offers office cleaning services in London, learn how you shouldn’t bid for office cleaning services. The infographic looks at techniques such as bidding over the phone, undercutting, bidding for brand new offices and more.