Business Exit Strategy Choices That Will Make Your Future Bright

With many options available, choosing the right business exit strategy for your company can seem troublesome. These often depend on how quickly you wish to exit and whether you want to get full market value for your venture. The team of business exit experts at Uscita have put together a process chart to walk you through the available options and to help you decide.

Why Online Reviews Have Become the Lifeblood of the Hotel Industry

Online reviews for hotels have become far more important than hoteliers might assume. For hotels to sustain a profitable return on investment there are so many factors they must maintain. Online presence and reputation is one of those. To learn more about the importance of online reviews for hotel industry read the below infographic.

Costs to Build an E-Commerce Marketplace

The best way to start an eCommerce business today is to build a multi-seller marketplace. Marketplaces have a lot of advantages over traditional single-seller online stores. A bigger product range, a larger audience, big revenues are among them. With a marketplace, you don’t even need to sell and store products yourself—your sellers will take care of it. But there’s a downside, of course—building a marketplace can cost you an insane amount of money if you do it wrong.

Best Practices of Seasonal Hiring

In order to accommodate the increase in traffic each holiday season, companies often increase their staff size, especially for positions in retail, customer service, distribution, and logistics. With holiday hiring set to hit a multiyear high in 2019 and 2020, it is critical for companies to meet the high demands of the busy season through hiring and retaining the most reliable workers.

The Impact of Franchising on the American Dream

Popular types of low startup franchises include: cleaning companies, travel planning agencies, exercise class studios, clothing resale events, educational training centers, and pest control services. When securing a franchise opportunity, you should research all of your options and talk to several franchise companies to determine which one is right for you. In this infographic, learn about how franchising helps people achieve the American dream.

Optimizing Reputation Management With AI

Customers read the reviews, but it’s not enough to have good reviews; those reviews also have to be believable. Your company’s online reputation can make or break your business, and your ratings even influence your ranking in searches. This is why maintaining a good online reputation is critical.

The Story Of Gopro

During Nick Woodman’s (founder and CEO of GoPro) travels to surfing spots in Australia and Indonesia, he realized that his straps alone were not the breakthrough product he wanted. He would need to find the perfect camera with a waterproof housing for his company to be a success. This infographic looks at the journey from his starting point to the success of GoPro.

The Comprehensive Guide To Outsourcing — What You Need To Know

Business process outsourcing requires intensive planning. To succeed in this endeavor, you should have a clear picture of the needs of your company from the inside out. From there, you will be guided in selecting the right BPO company that can meet your requirements. This comprehensive guide to outsourcing aims to increase your knowledge about outsourcing so you can make an informed choice.

The Best Cities to Start a Small Business

Many Americans have the dream of launching their own small business and being their own boss. Some will realize this dream with creativity, determination, and courage. However, the location of the small business is fundamental to the potential success. This infographic uses a one-of-a-kind, data-driven Small Business Index to analyze the top 100 most populous metro areas in the United States.