Community Coworking: A New Model for Coworking in NYC

The coworking landscape is a crowded one. Many of these businesses also do not fit the overall desires and wellbeing of the workers that might otherwise just work remotely. The future of work is looking to be more community minded and more social. Learn more about coworking in the infographic below.

A Helpful Guide to Managing Employees With Work Depression

Managing employees with work depression is a vital responsibility for employers, impacting the affected individuals and the overall workplace environment. Work depression can significantly lower productivity, morale, and job satisfaction, creating a ripple effect throughout the organization. Here is an infographic that will help guide you in properly managing employees suffering from depression at work.

11 Best Practices for Sales Onboarding

When it comes to sales performance, getting the most out of your team starts with strong onboarding. Organizations with effective onboarding are 6.3x more likely to prepare their new sales hires to succeed. Like any other sales training or enablement initiative, onboarding takes foresight and planning to do well. In this infographic, discover 11 best practices for creating an onboarding program that prepares new hires to sell effectively.

50 Companies With the Best Customer Service

With so many options of who we do business within every area, from grocery shopping to airline bookings, to hotels, and insurance, it can be difficult to decide who to choose. You may want to work with the option that has the best customer service, but how do we calculate that? Thankfully, the team at Qualtrics made a useful infographic ranking 50 US companies with the top customer service ratings.

The Evolution Of UK Company Logos

Here is an interesting infographic from the people at that will take you on a journey through the history of logo design for some of the most popular companies in the UK which have changed their logos several times over the years.

The Best and Worst States to Start a Small Business

Starting up a small business may be exciting, but it comes with a host of risks. Potential business owners can boost their chances of survival by choosing their location carefully. That’s why the team at Finfare did some extensive research, created a small business survival index and ranked all 50 states on how likely they were to be the home of successful small businesses