A Visual Guide to Remote Work Burnout

To accommodate employees’ need for flexible work arrangements, businesses are shifting to remote and hybrid working in droves. And while employees are generally embracing this trend, increasingly, people working remotely are complaining of feeling burned out. Take a look at the below infographic on just what is causing remote work burnout, and what employers can do to minimize the problem.

Women Owned eCommerce Business

Let’s face it – many women have their hands full with an unfair share of home responsibilities and an unfair pay disparity in the workplace. What can be done to turn the tide? The rise of women owned eCommerce businesses have been growing even through the pandemic. Learn more in the following infographic and report.

CAC: Why It’s Important and How to Lower It

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the amount of money a company spends to get a new customer and it helps measure the return on investment of efforts to grow their clientele. Customer acquisition expenses are a good predictor of future performance for your firm. The following infographic reveals five different ways to enhance your CAC today.

The Key to Sustainable Commerce

As consumers, we have choices in the world of who we buy from online. That is why the rise of sustainable commerce is so important. Learn more about the key to sustainable commerce in this infographic from eBay.

Why Premium Domain Names Are Important

You can give your business a leg up online by acquiring a premium domain name – especially when coupled with vanity phone numbers. Learn more about the power of a premium domain name in the following infographic, courtesy of SBALoan.com.

Building a Blueprint for a Mobile-First Warehouse

In a recent Zebra Technologies Warehouse Vision study, 77% agreed that augmenting workers with technology is the best way to begin automating warehouse operations, but only 35 had a clear understanding of where to begin. Here is an infographic that lays out the steps to develop a comprehensive warehouse technology solution.

BPO Poser vs. PRO: How To Spot the Real Deal

Following last year’s record peak season, 54% of retailers planned to outsource alternative fulfillment operations in 2021. Unfortunately, identifying the right BPO to support the various challenges unique to eCommerce is more difficult in a cluttered market. In the following infographic, PFS divulges how to spot an eCommerce BPO poser vs. pro.

Are Hybrid Workplaces Here to Stay?

Remote work was a nearly overnight transition for many, and now some are going back to the office. Can we find a happy medium with hybrid workplaces? Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each model, courtesy of TrackTime24.

Rare Deductions for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you must have thought of ways to reduce your self-employment taxes. Most freelancers struggle with their taxes because every industry and career involves a different set of deductions.