When is the Right Time to Hire an Accountant?

When it comes to your business’s finances, DIY isn’t always the way to go. You can save money by hiring a professional accountant to give your financials a fresh look. Accountants are skilled at taking an objective look at your finances and offering suggestions on how to make changes that will best suit your business.

How Startup Funding Works (Explained Through Pie)

Starting your business can be a scary process – figuring out through trial and error what works and what doesn’t. While you may think of funding is something that’s done all at once, it’s often a process that happens in stages. The early rounds typically are funded with your own personal funds or of your loved ones around you, later resulting in investors for venture capitalist and hedge funds. In this infographic, Fundera has summarized how startup funding works explained through pie.

Why a Lean Startup Approach Beats a Waterfall Approach to Product Development

When entrepreneurs set about creating a product, service or business, the first version of a product is very rarely a hit. The lean startup approach is the solution to this problem. Instead of aiming to create a complete product, the goal is to create a minimal version of the product and release it as quickly as possible. The entrepreneur can then gather feedback from the response to this minimal product and improve it from there.

Co-Working: Why Is It So Popular?

Despite being a relatively new concept, co-working has grown in popularity drastically over the last few years… and with good reason. By combining traditional office work with the flexibility of remote working, co-working is the best of both worlds. Learn more about co-working and why it’s so popular in this infographic.

The Future Of Work: Fueling Office Culture

Coffee is the fuel that keeps many of us going at work, but these days your office needs more than just a sad little coffee pot to keep everyone going. Learn more about the growth of free premium coffee, drinks, and snacks in the workplace from this infographic from Corporate Essentials.

McDonald’s Digital Transformation and Why We’re All Lovin’ It

Digital transformation is shaping the brands we know and love. When deployed successfully, it drives them forward despite evolving audiences and world, even amidst uncertain economic climates. For one example of successful digital transformation, look no further than McDonald’s. This infographic looks at their transformation and its impact in detail.

Why You Should Use IoT for Employee Monitoring

IoT’s integration with daily life keeps being a controversial topic and it will be for some time to come. IoT, although controversial is heartily welcomed by most businesses for their normal operation. Almost 38% of businesses already use IoT extensively for their production lines, analysis etc in their respective businesses The question to be asked is whether IoT is necessary to monitor employees.

Team-Building Games That Your Team Will Love to Play

Do your teammates roll their eyes hearing about team-building days? The good news is that team-building activities don’t have to be embarrassing and dull. Chanty has put together a list of brilliant games to choose from and none of them involves eggs dropped to the floor.

How to Align Sales and Marketing For a Rewarding Business

It is estimated that poor marketing and sales alignment can cost organizations 10 percent or more of annual revenue, so much so, that this misalignment is costing businesses more than a trillion dollars per year. This infographic explains about sales and marketing misalignment, how it can be resolved by the all-in-one marketing and sales software.