How To Use Live Video To Build Your Business

Social media is important for any business, and live video is the latest and greatest tool in your toolbox. In fact, live video draws attention better than text and static video. Learn more about live video for business courtesy of this infographic.

How Email Became The Weakest Link

Hackers know how to scare you into clicking on that link in an email, and that’s one of the main reasons why email phishing is still around. Learn more about protecting your business from phishing courtesy of this infographic.

Success Story Of Huawei

Huawei’s path to success is an inspirational one. The company’s unique customer-centric approach is one of the factors attributing to its fast growth and success in a short time. It is the only Chinese company to be listed on the Fortune Global 500 list and earning more revenue overseas than in mainland China. Learn more about Huawei’s success  and its achievements in the following infographic.

How and When to Move Your Office

For business owners, a major cause of stress can be office moves. When’s the best time to move? How do you minimize disruption to business? How on earth do you choose your new premises? In fact, 31% of business owners when surveyed said that an office move was the most stressful thing about running a business. The only thing more stressful? Hiring new staff.

Top 10 Trends Shaping B2B Industries Today

As each year passes by, profound changes take place in the B2B marketing environment. We have seen how technology became more intelligent, campaigns were tightly integrated, content marketing became more dynamic, and so on. In this infographic, discover 10 top trends in the B2B market.

Emerging Technology to Reshape Hotel Business in 2025

Technology is now the business enabler that will drive not just innovation but new processes and experiences as well. To help, here is an infographic about the possible technologies that might emerge in 2025. The infographic provides the insights into emerging innovations, anticipated rate of adoption, potential impact and related fears that need to be considered.

8 Wastes Of Lean

The lean methodology consists of proven tools and techniques that focus on minimizing waste and adding value to the end product to meet customer needs. However, wasteful activities may vary from business to business, Lean theory describes these 8 wastes are common for all sort of industries. Removing these wasteful steps in a process helps to improve overall efficiency in the organization.

Organizations with the Best and Worst Reputations of the Past 5 Years

The Harris Poll’s Reputation Quotient quantifies the reputation of the 100 most visible companies each year according to the general public. They determine what the most visible companies are by surveying 6,118 U.S. adults. Then, they survey 18,228 adults to gather an average of 300 ratings per company. This infographic visualizes the victors and losers of 2019.

Common Types of Warehouse Racking

Pallet rack shelving is a common fixture in warehouses and within pallet rack shelving, a variety of options are available. Before purchasing any pallet rack shelving, take time to research your options so you can choose the best option to meet your needs. The following infographic takes a look at some of the most common types of warehouse racking.

Small Business Accounting Forecast for 2019

A primary concern for every entrepreneur should be accounting as the money flow plays a pivotal role in every business. It helps in forecasting business finances, prepare a budget and keep a control over expenses for the year. No matter whether you manage your accounting books on your own or prefer online bookkeeping services, keeping yourself updated with the growing trends is crucial.