Corporate Gifting That Matches Your Brand Archetype

Customers take note of how you treat them. This comes through in every interaction that you do, so why do people turn off their brains when it comes to cheap swag and corporate gifts? Learn how to give the right impression with thoughtful corporate gifting that matches your brand archetype in the following infographic.

Using Facial Recognition for Time Tracking

Time tracking for employees shouldn’t get in the way of ease of use. This is especially true to find a solution for remote workers as well. If you’d like to learn more about how facial recognition and time tracking go hand in hand, check out the following infographic.

Retail Survival Through Personalized Experiences

Shoppers are constantly looking for businesses that provide personalized experiences and they are willing and able to provide their data in return for relevance. Here is an in-depth infographic about the benefits of unified commerce and how businesses can adopt it to provide personalized experiences to survive and thrive in a growingly competitive landscape.

The Power of Customer Surveys

Customers think it’s important that retailers ask for their feedback and they are willing to provide businesses with highly valuable feedback about their experiences. In the following infographic, learn all about the potential of customer surveys when used by brands and how they improve loyalty.