Why Shortlist the Right Middleware Software For Business?

This infographic lays the importance of shortlisting the right middleware software for your business as per global growth and demand basis. Middleware technology is often misunderstood as the least important technology in an organization, but it is one of the crucial technologies to sustain in the industry. It helps to provide distributed infrastructure with the help of computing, network speed, and storage capabilities.

Supply Chains in eCommerce and The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is affecting all industries and sectors. Supply chains in eCommerce are no exceptions. To keep the business alive, the labor-intensive and labor-reliant supply chain needs to care for its workers. Decision makers have to protect the health of employees and support colleagues who are ill. The following infographic looks at supply chains in eCommerce and the Coronavirus. 

Preparing Your Business for an Emergency

Natural disasters, technical faults, human error—these are just a few factors that leave your IT systems vulnerable to failure. To ensure incidents like these don’t catch you off guard or put your team offline, emergency planning is a must. In this infographic, Experts Exchange looks at preparing your business for an emergency.

The Future Of Workplace AR & VR Training

You and your staff are always learning new skills on the job, however as your business evolves in the digital age, so must your workplace training procedures. It’s up to you to future-proof your work processes and explore new and effective ways to engage your employees at every level. We’ve seen augmented reality and virtual reality technology grow in the past few years and it shows no sign of slowing down.

How to Choose the Right Salesforce Partner

Choosing the right partner is a key factor that could make or break your project’s success. Salesforce is a mighty CRM platform, and that’s why selecting the right partner for Salesforce projects becomes critical, especially when the chances of a CRM project’s failure are as high as 69%. Everyone in the race of winning your business is telling you they’re the best. So, how do you know who to pick?

How To Effectively Collaborate With Your Team

Teamwork is an essential part of work today. Yet, effective teamwork is hard. It takes more than meetings and task lists to produce high-quality results. In the following infographic, the team at Plexie outlines some of the key challenges to effective teamwork.

How Emerging Technologies Are Transforming Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborative work culture is at the core of a modern agile organization. In order to imbibe this culture, more and more businesses are adapting emerging technologies. For example, businesses are realizing the benefits of artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, chatbots and blockchain to better collaborate and improve productivity. In this infographic, let’s take a look at how emerging technologies are powering enterprise collaboration.

How Long are Customers Willing to Wait?

One minute. That’s how long a majority of customers are willing to wait on hold. While phone wait times are often seen as a necessary evil, they’re worthy of a second look. Understanding customer expectations can help business owners develop strategies to combat frustration and build loyalty.