2018 Trade Wars Explained

This infographic has been created by TradeMachines to help those without an economic background understand the dense and complicated situation that has been the 2018 Trade Wars, including Trump’s motivations, history and potential impact. It also works as a recap for those trying to sift through months of news information.

How Lithium Batteries Will Drive the Energy Market

As the discussions of green energy make buzz all over the world, there has been more and more focus on production of so called, ‘green cars’. Not just the EVs, but also other applications like consumer electronics will have great demand for rechargeable batteries and hence lithium ion battery market will drive the energy market. With this in mind, experts suggest that the early investors of lithium battery stocks will turn out to be the winners in near future.

The State of B2B eCommerce in 2018

The growth of B2B eCommerce has overshadowed the B2C eCommerce marketplace. This has been proved by the reports being published in recent years, showing how B2B eCommerce has acquired the bigger slice of the global retail sales pie. Check out the following infographic to see the top B2B eCommerce trends and statistics in 2018. 

Staying Healthy At Work: An Actionable Guide

You spend a significant portion of your life at work. The choices you make while there, in terms of health and wellness, are an important part of making sure you have a healthy lifestyle overall. In this infographic, the team at Nifty Benefits shows some simple ways to change your habits at work which can have a very real impact on your overall health.

8 Sales Industry Insights That Will Help You Sell Smarter

With a sales landscape so focused on speed, sometimes salespeople can neglect a smarter approach. The right approach to data, technology, and strategy will break through to your prospects and rev up your revenue. With that in mind, the team at Yellowstep have put together a few stats that highlight potential issues facing the sales industry, and how they can be solved.

The Business Of Hemp

Despite decades of federal prohibition, the hemp business is booming. In 2017, $820 million worth of legal hemp products were sold in the United States. Learn more about the business of hemp within this infographic from Popular CBD Brands.

Business Communication Challenges in 2018

Communication technology and techniques have improved vastly over the years – becoming more vital to business growth, especially in the age of digital distribution. In this infographic, University of Southern California Master of Communication Management Online looks at communication challenges businesses might face in 2018.

Journey To The Cloud

A journey to the cloud sounds nice, doesn’t it? But when you tell people it’s about cloud computing, they tense up. Relax as it’s just cloud computing. Learn more about the “journey to the cloud” in this infographic from CBTS.

4 Foolproof Sales Tips for the Business Owner

One of the inevitable aspects of being a business owner is being able to meet sales targets. For someone new in the trade, hitting sales target may seem quite daunting given how intense the competition is in most markets these days. But given the right strategies, attitude, and genuine intent to succeed, you will be able to achieve your sales goals with ease.