10 Fascinating Facts About Google

From its inception in 1998 handling 10,000 searches a day to a staggering 3.5 billion daily in 2023, Google stands as the digital colossus of the web with 84 billion monthly visits. It’s the starting block for half of all online product searches, rapidly processing 40,000 inquiries per second. Take a look at the following infographic for 10 fascinating facts about Google.

Calculating the ROI of Corporate Learning

With high stakes in a down economy, it’s time to make sure that your corporate learning efforts are in fact working as they should. Learn more about calculating the ROI of corporate learning in the following infographic, courtesy of Arist.

How to Sell Across the Sales Cycle

Knowing and understanding your sales cycle is necessary to manage opportunities and align with the buyer’s place in the buying process. In this infographic, RAIN Group shares where top-performing sellers stand out across the sales cycle.

How to Return to the Office With Confidence

Many are now required to return to the office – is your job requiring you to do so next? Be sure to look your best on your return to work – perhaps plastic surgery will help? Check out the infographic below, courtesy of Sieber Plastic Surgery for more details.

Exploring Commercial Real Estate Options

If you are looking for different asset classes to invest in, perhaps it is time to explore commercial real estate options, in particular Orange County, NY commercial real estate and surrounding areas. Learn more in the infographic below.

The Fastest Growing and Declining Industries in the United States

Which industries will thrive and which will flounder in a post-pandemic world with advancing artificial intelligence abilities? Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this infographic from U.S. Career Institute explores the 20 fastest-growing industries and 20 fastest-declining industries by employment numbers from 2021 to 2031.

Cannabis Legalization Across the U.S.

Cannabusiness is booming. Whether you’re thinking about marijuana or CBD, legalization is rapidly changing across the United States. Learn more about the future of cannabis legalization in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of BestCBDOils.org.

A Look at the Lithium Economy

Often labeled as white gold, the lithium economy is booming. Lithium is a much sought after mineral as it is much needed in the energy sector, particularly in lithium-ion batteries and electric vehicles. Learn more about what all the hype is about in the following infographic.