How Big Companies Can Help The Disadvantaged

It doesn’t take a not-for-profit or governmental agency to benefit the disadvantaged — businesses and corporations can also strive to produce a positive impact in the world. However, can big companies make a difference in their surrounding communities? Learn more about corporate social responsibility in this infographic from Best Social Work Programs.

8 Big Announcements From Google I/O 2018

At the recent Google I/O 2018 event, the company made 8 big announcements and also introduced several new tools for developers to make their apps and services better. Check out the following infographic from Infographic Design Team on the 8 announcements and how these changes will help you in your corporate and social life.

Chatbots For Business

There has been a constant evolution of artificial intelligence since the past year, the creation of chatbots for business has seen a striking rise on the digital platform. Today, chatbots are gradually making their mark in our lives by assisting in nearly every crucial aspects, especially, in the field of making purchase decisions.

The UK Energy Postcode Lottery

Energy Prices in the UK vary widely depending on where you find yourself living. This is due to a number of factors ranging from the supplier you have chosen to the demand for power in your area. While currently, the Big Six energy companies (e.g. Npower, EDF, British Gas) control the majority of the market, there is a notable shift towards smaller to medium suppliers who offer more reasonable tariffs to their customers.

Is E-commerce Slowly Killing Brick & Mortar?

There have been many times recently that I have opted to buy a product on Amazon rather than a brick and mortar store either because the physical storefront did not have the item I wanted or it was to expensive. Sometimes it was both! Not too mention all the retailers that we have seen close shop, Toys R Us being one of the most recent. One would thing that it is the beginning of the end for brick and mortar stores, but is it?

12 Things You Should Never Say At Work

The workplace can be a minefield of office politics, stressful situations and complicated relationships. One way you can make your time in the office easier is by knowing what not to say. The following infographic by Headway Capital looks at 12 of those things you should never say at work and what to say instead.

Contract Cleaning or in-House Cleaning

The ongoing debate on whether a business should clean its own premises or outsource this service by employing contract cleaners is not as straightforward as one would imagine. In the following infographic, Master Cleaners, who offers cleaning services in London, compares in-house cleaning to utilizing a contract cleaning service.

Disney Fox Merger

Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox means that the House of Mouse now controls a huge amount of our most beloved films and television series. Announced in December 2017 and expected to take until at least 2021 to complete, this $66.1 billion deal ranks among the largest mergers of its kind in history. Read on to see how the merger will affect everything.

The 2018 Guide to Workplace Sexual Harassment

Workplace sexual harassment prevention has been a top priority for companies going into 2018 and will remain that way long after the high-profile scandals of the last year have faded. As a result, your company may have provided mandatory sexual harassment training to employees, consisting of vague definitions and clichéd examples. But, if you’re looking for practical information about workplace sexual harassment, you’ll find it in this infographic.