College Mergers: How Education Can Stay Afloat

Given the state of the economy, it is no longer a foregone conclusion that future generations all want to go to college. That, coupled with increased costs have led to a precarious financial positions where some colleges are closing their doors. Learn how college mergers are a viable solution for some in the following infographic.

How Much More High School Graduates Earn Than Non-Graduates

The state of the education system in America has many young people questioning the payoff of a college degree, as well as weighing the pros and cons of a high school diploma vs. no diploma. To help students best determine the right course of action for them, here is a guide exploring the average salary by education level and how much a high school diploma is worth in every state.

U.S. Schools That Have Won the Most National Blue Ribbons

The U.S. Department of Education created the National Blue Ribbon Schools program in 1982 to award schools for their academic excellence. More than 10,000 schools have been given this award since the program was created. The following graphic visualizes which schools have won the most National Blue Ribbons through the years. See which schools come out on top.

The Best High School in Every U.S. State

When people make the decision to move, there are many factors to consider. Housing costs, square footage, and proximity to amenities like grocery stores can play a big part in deciding where to live. Another factor that many people take into consideration is the school district where the home is located. Check out the following infographic to see the best high schools in every state.

Why Colleges are Going Out of Business?

Believe it or not, college enrollment rates are going down at record levels. College costs have also been sharply increasing. These as well as other factors are making people think twice about going to school – which is leading many colleges and universities to go out of business. Learn more about why colleges are going out of business in the following infographic.

The Oldest Colleges and Universities in Every U.S. State

Education is an invaluable cornerstone of America’s success. The Founding Fathers heralded education as an American right and believed it was crucial to ensure our freedom. What education did the Founding Fathers have? To celebrate the spirit of education that has built America, the team at Playground Equipment created the following visual guide to the oldest colleges in the United States.

Intellectual Ammunition: How To Study Effectively

Learning how to study effectively is a skill you can apply both toward schoolwork and toward the pursuit of your goals. Learning is a skill that you will want to continually hone throughout your life by taking courses, reading books, and engaging in self-directed learning projects.

What Will the Future of School Look Like?

The future of school is looking up – while much of the world is considering in-class, in-person, is the future actually online? Online communities offer a more flexible way to learn and attain skills for life. Learn more about the future of school in the infographic below, courtesy of Sora Schools.