Trade School Vs Community College

Which is right for recent high school grads – trade school or community college? Can you earn the same as someone with a bachelor’s degree for 18% of the cost? Learn more about affordable education options within this infographic from Degree Query.

Advice for Nailing Your Dissertation

There is no more critical project in your post-graduate career than your dissertation, one single document that represents all your education and expertise. While creating and submitting a dissertation is a long process under the best circumstances, there are many ways to make it more comfortable and more efficient, specifically by getting it right the first time around.

Keeping The Knot Tied

Most marriage counselors possess a master’s degree in family and marriage counseling or psychology with a license to practice in their particular state. This infographic gives information on why people will enter marriage counseling, statistics surrounding what...

Comparing Outcomes: BBA vs. MBA

A Bachelor of Business Administration is a four-year undergraduate degree that provides students with the basics of running a business. A Master of Business Administration is commonly a two-year degree (sometimes as little as just one year) and offers a more hands-on and focused course of study into the details of running or managing a business. This infographic compares the outcomes of the two degree paths

Define Your Success With an Online MBA

Online MBA programs prove to your future employers—and most importantly, to you—that you have the drive, the passion and the skills to take your place as a successful business leader. Getting your online MBA demonstrates both your focus and your determination to meet your goals. The skills you learn, the network you build and the good habits you develop can set you up for a lifetime of success in business.

How to Create an LMS Training Program in 8 Steps

Creating a good training program for teachers who need to learn how to use a new school LMS isn’t always easy. Things can get exhausting, time-consuming and expensive, but this doesn’t need to happen. That’s why the team at Neo LMS have put together a simple and easy to follow 8-step guide on how to create an LMS training program for your school.

Top E-Learning Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Transitioning from traditional to online education is not as easy as it may seem. Back when new technologies were first introduced, advocates of traditional education were strongly against the changes that technology and online learning would soon bring to the table. Despite their attitudes, though, e-learning eventually did find its way into all the nooks and crannies of education and is now everywhere.