How to Get a Free Education Online

These days, there is no guarantee that an expensive college degree will get you the career that you want. Explore how you can give yourself a college level education online through the infographic below, courtesy of CollegeCliffs.

How Education is Evolving in the Digital Age

There’s no denying that digital technology is shaping your overall lifestyle, even your education. The educational system is adapting to the digital age as students are becoming more internet-savvy. Pushed by the pandemic, teachers and administrators were forced to rely on online digital learning alone. The following infographic illustrates how education is evolving in the digital age.

How Were Children Educated in Ancient Times?

This infographic shows how 15 different ancient civilizations and taught education to their children. In many, education was only reserved for boys of wealthy and royal families. Subjects like math, reading, writing, were typical. Some ancient civilizations also included sports, combat and extreme discipline to create warriors.

A Guide To the 7 Types of Learning Disabilities

Children with learning and attention issues can be just as successful academically and personally when given the right opportunities. This infographic explores the unique characteristics of the 7 learning disabilities as defined by the Learning Disabilities Association of America to advocate for awareness, understanding, and compassion.

Mindfulness for Students: 5 Benefits & 6 Techniques

Convenient and quick access to any kind of information can reduce our attention span. These attention issues can negatively affect our mental, physical, social, and educational experiences. We need to learn how to overcome these obstacles to maintain the harmony in our lives. The following infographic provides students with advice about starting a mindfulness practice.

How to Enjoy Studying

We learn throughout our lives. So, why not make the process more enjoyable? Remembering dates or facts, reading dozens of articles, and solving complex tasks are obviously hard for everyone. What’s more, our brain prefers things it’s already familiar with. That’s why it chooses to scroll social media and not write a 5-page essay.

8 Online Learning Trends Created By eLearners

The elearning industry is one of the fastest growing industries at the moment. With everything happening in the world during the pandemic, people have been focusing more on online learning platforms. They are looking for a way to learn something new every day while staying connected with other fellow learners.