Degree Dilemma: Is a College Degree Worth It?

Despite the growing belief that a college degree may not be worth it, many Americans still strongly believe in the necessity. As the gap widens between the two philosophies, we decided to look at the data. This infographic contains recently published facts and figures on the subject.

The Psychology of Hazing

Hazing has been around for many years, and even though there are laws to protect people from hazing it still exists, and will continue to exist for a while. This infographic presented by takes a deeper look at the psychology behind hazing. Check it out below to learn more.

Can a Mobile App Really Improve Learning?

As mobile devices march toward ubiquity, they’re finding their way into the hands of our earliest learners. Just as parents and educators questioned the quality of children’s television content in its early days, so are they beginning to ask questions about the quality of mobile device content aimed at children. This infographic by emeeyou presents a case for evidence-based mobile app education during early childhood.

School Violence in the USA

School violence is youth violence that occurs on school property, which can occur on the way to or from school or at school-sponsored event. Want to know trends that contribute to school violence, what are various risk factors, and how it can be prevented? This infographic from Test Score Breakthrough lists important points through visually rich graphics.

The Student Experience Online

In the past 10 years, and even more recently, Higher Education Industry has changed drastically, and it’s changed at hyperspeed with much of the change coming from technology. MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) 100% online institutions have made kids think about brick and mortar institutions in a new light. On top of that, student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in the United States. More and more students are looking and thinking of their financial capabilities as a leading factor in their choices.

Liberal Arts Degrees: Can They Still Get You a Job?

Deciding on the right college major can be a very difficult task for students. For years, the Liberal Arts degree has been the go-to for students who are unsure about what they want to pursue. This infographic takes a look at Liberal Arts degrees and whether or not they are worth pursuing.

The Study Habits of Online Students

One of the most valued aspects of online learning schools is that you can do it at home, in your local coffee shop, library and just about anywhere your heart desires. Working students, parents and active-duty military worldwide benefit from this particular feature of online learning. So, with this in mind, Allied Schools surveyed around 70 of their students, asking them questions about their study habits. They transformed the survey results into this infographic on the Study Habits of Online Students.

Using Tax Free 529 Plans To Save For College

Saving for college is not easy, especially the case if you have more than one child.  Many families are now choosing to use 529 college savings plans with tax-free earnings, which can be used for tuition and other qualified higher education expenses. The following infographic provides more information on 529 plans and how to go about this.

Your Teacher Was Right

Think you don’t use algebra in your everyday life? Then you must never have to decide how much gasoline to put in your car’s tank. And that frog you dissected in biology? You probably don’t work as a professional frog dissector, but you should have picked up a basic understanding of bodily systems that applies directly to your own physiology. The following infographic shows why your teacher was right.

50 Best Books For Teachers

While teachers assign books for students to read, no one really thinks about the fact that teachers have to read as well. Often times, we assume school taught teachers all they needed to learn, and magically they just happen to stay up to date with current teaching methods. This is not the case. The following is a list of the top 50 books for teachers.