Is An Online Education Right for You?

Online education has experienced a boom in the last several years. More and more students, young and old are enrolling in some type of online classes, and even Bill Gates thinks the future of education is distance learning.. The following infographic from Independence University looks at whether online education is right for you.

What Happens to the Graduates You Hire?

The following infographic reveals what happens to graduates you hire and helps us to better understand why graduates are likely to stay in an organization and become future leaders. The infographic is the result of a conducted survey of 2800+ graduates who had completed psychometric tests in the past decade.

Time Management for Students

The Time Management for Students infographic is an in-depth look at how the average college student spends their time during the week. In addition, it provides the Top 5 Time Management Tips to help students use their hours more effectively.

The Most Social Colleges

Have you ever wondered how social your college is, or if they are social at all? Social media is a great way for colleges to stay in touch with students and faculty, and to send them updates quickly. This infographic highlights some of the most social colleges.

Technology’s Impact on Education

From online learning to interactive whiteboards to social media, technology continues to reshape the college experience. Online social communities allow students from across the word to collaborate on projects. Learn about the technologies and innovations fostering the education of the “digital generation” in the following infographic.

10 Ways to Use Your Business Degree in Life

A business degree can open the door to employment in numerous occupations and industries, and allow one to pursue a lifelong career. Learn about 10 ways you can make a business degree work for you in the following infographic from DeVry University.

College Degrees: High Demand vs. Low Demand

We all know that a college degree can improve your income greatly, but do you know what degrees are coveted right now? Maybe the degree you’re pursuing won’t leave employers pursuing you. Or maybe you’ve chosen a path that has employers chasing you for an interview. Which is it?

College Students of 2012

Sure, you think you know what a college student looks like, but did you realize that only 15% of college students attend a 4-year school and live on campus? Find out more about what college students REALLY look like in 2012 with the following infographic from SheerID.

What It Costs to Send A Kid to School

By now, your star student is heading back into the classroom with a backpack full of brand new pencils, notebooks — and maybe he’s sporting a new outfit, too. As you probably know all too well, those back-to-school expenses add up quickly. But the investment in educating your child isn’t just putting a dent in your wallet.