Ultimate Guide for PhD Students

PhD, an abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy, is an academic or professional degree awarded by universities and colleges on submission of thesis or dissertation based on extensive research in a chosen field. In general, PhD is the highest degree a student can achieve. This infographic brings you a few strategies to work through your PhD.

How Did Education Change During the Pandemic?

Almost monthly, UNESCO, in particular the Bureau of Education, publishes reports on the threats to the education sector through the coronavirus. One of the statements said that due to the disrupted educational process for millions of pupils and students, the world is threatened with degradation, as the level of education of the population will significantly decrease. The following infographic explores how education changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Traditional Education vs STEM Learning

Traditional schooling is woefully inadequate for the fast-paced, information-overloaded, and ever-changing environments that kids face today. It has proved ineffective at arming children with the skills, knowledge and mindset necessary for uncertain times and career paths. The STEM approach to learning takes a hands-on, discovery-based approach that helps kids develop their innate curiosity and interest, retain knowledge for much longer, and apply it in real-life situations.

Why Game-Based Learning Will Make Your Child Smarter

Game Based learning in simple terms is the use of gaming with educational goals that support a child’s development and growth. Game based learning promotes analytical thinking and logical reasoning. It also enhances problem solving and collaborative thinking among kids. In this infographic, Lido Blog explores why game-based learning will make your child smarter.

Enhancing Home Learning

Distance learning thrives on makeshift efforts to keep students engaged. Even a game of Monopoly can help build basic math skills. OnlineSchoolsReport explains how teachers and students can enhance student learning, which you can read about in the infographic below.

Why Do Students or Employees Earn an MBA Degree?

Pursuing an MBA program from a renowned institute can help you hone your knowledge and skills. It can also guide you as you try to find your space in the business community and prosper in your sector. However, it is essential to make the right choice when it comes to which MBA program to pursue and from which institute to get the best educational experience.

Education Technology: How Technology is Changing Teaching

Education technology comes in many forms including websites, apps and online courses, and is effective when used both inside of the classroom alongside other teaching methods and at home for self-study. Education technology has many benefits in teaching and overcomes many of the boundaries that traditional methods of teaching present to us such as large classroom sizes and lack of funding.