The ROI of Higher Education

Is higher education a good investment? According to the following infographic. a high school dropout will earn $260,000 less than a high school graduate and $800,000 less than a college graduate in their lifetime.

The Anatomy of a Great Teacher

A great teacher changes the lives of their students forever; they instill confidence and knowledge in every student who crosses their path. This infographic describes what makes a great teacher, and how do they treat their students in the classroom.

International Students at UK Universities: Key Facts

The following infographic presents some of the most relevant facts international students would look for when deciding to study in England, Scotland or Wales. Published by Across the Pond, the infographic is structured on several sections, from an overview on total international students in the UK, to more focused and targeted stats about US students at UK Universities.

Is College Still Worth It?

Do you think college is too expensive? Well 75% of Americans do. The tuition is a huge factor for a lot of people looking into colleges. Yes, there are scholarships and loans to assist you along your college path but sometimes scholarships aren’t enough or loans get too expensive.

The Future of Mobile Learning

What do training and development professionals have to say about the future of mobile learning? Allen Communication surveyed them to find out their thoughts on how educators will use mobile technology to engage their learners in the coming year.

America’s Schools in the 1950s vs. Today

Take a look back in history with this TakePart infographic that compares public education in the 1950s to public education today. Find out how much a teacher made in 1950 and which children’s books were on the bestseller list. Check out what education milestone changed the course of history and what classroom technologies were considered innovative 62 years ago. There has been a lot that has changed since 1950, however America’s public education system has a long way to go.

Online Higher Education Revolution

A college education costs thousands of dollars, but that might all be changing. If you’re headed off to a university soon or know someone who is, you’ll want to read about the latest trends in higher education and learn more about online education. The following infographic takes a peek at the online education boom.

How To Save Money While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad can be financially challenging. Whether you are thinking of saving few bucks for your next shopping or hundreds for tuition fees, this infographic shares some ‘creative’ tips for saving money while studying abroad.