Free the Apostrophe!

This infographic is designed to raise awareness of the plight and misuse of the poor apostrophe and provides simple rules to prevent the abuse of apostrophes in grammar.

Tips to Avoid The Summer Slide

There are some pretty good tips here for helping your kids avoid the summer slide. One of the reasons I like my kids going to a more year round school year is for this very reason, but if any of your kids are out for a full 3 months or more? You will want to check this graphic out for tips to avoid that summer slide.

Rise of the AP (Advanced Placement Exam)

Substantial progress has been made within Advanced Placement (AP) curricula over the past decade. However, our nation still faces formidable obstacles in education that we must work to overcome. To that end, and USC Rossier Online have worked hard to visualize information and statistics from the College Board’s 8th Annual “AP Report to the Nation.”

Understanding Student Loans in Real Terms

We have all heard the statistics, that tuition keeps rising, while student debt continues to increase. In fact, the United States now has more total student loan debt then credit card debt. The good news? Borrowers are eager to provide students with loans to make their college aspirations a reality. The bad news? Those same students will graduate with thousands in loan payments. Unfortunately, students often do not recognize the full impact of taking on additional debt.

8 Tips to Teaching Your Child to Read

The earlier your child can learn to read the more likely he or she is to be successful in school. You can get your child reading early by following these eight tips to becoming a confident reader in the following infographic.

The College Try: How To Pick The Right School

Picking a college is never an easy decision. For most students, the choice is not simply a matter of where to spend the next four years, but more importantly, the institution their names will be attached to for a lifetime. With so much at stake — degree programs, career placement, alumni networks — it pays to look at the big picture instead of deciding impulsively.

Practice Makes Perfect

Students are always looking for an edge when it comes to test taking — the latest energy drink, early-morning study groups, etc. But save the caffeine because good ol’ fashioned flashcards offer some of the most significant benefits of all.

Drug Use on U.S. College Campuses

While the average college experience isn’t quite what you might see in Animal House (actually I heard it can be worse), it is often referred to as a four year party. What drugs are college students taking, and what are some of the consequences? Find out in this infographic published by our friends at Best of the Web.

Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage

Rules for capitalization vary by language, country and even word usage. Simple rules for capitalizing proper nouns and writing the pronoun “I” in capital letters are helpful, but they don’t provide clear answers for every situation. This infographic from contains a few tips that are useful for determining when all capital letters should be used or when the first character needs to be written in capital letter form.