Common Rules for Capital Letter Usage

Rules for capitalization vary by language, country and even word usage. Simple rules for capitalizing proper nouns and writing the pronoun “I” in capital letters are helpful, but they don’t provide clear answers for every situation. This infographic from contains a few tips that are useful for determining when all capital letters should be used or when the first character needs to be written in capital letter form.

Homeschool Domination: Why These Kids Will Take You Down

With America’s public school system in decline, more and more parents are turning to homeschooling as a solution to their children’s education. The surprising part? When it comes time to perform, homescholled children are blowing away everyone else out of the water. The following infographic takes a visual look at who is doing better- publicly schooled students or those who were homeschooled.

How Your Tax Dollars Are Educating America

Out of all the revenue Uncle Sam pulls in each year, 4.8% of those precious tax dollars go toward education. But how, exactly, is that chunk of change used? The following infographic published by H&R Block breaks down the budgets and make sense of the dollars in the American education system.

Apple’s iPads vs. Textbooks

Apple is on the verge of capturing yet another lucrative market with their iPad product and in the process, change education as we know it… Or are they? This infographic examines how expensive it would be to replace standard textbooks with iPads in our children’s’ schools.

Teaching To The Test

The controversy surrounding No Child Left Behind and standardized testing may only be proving to be more and more inefficient. The new infographic by Best Masters in Education shows us where we are putting undo pressure and where we are no longer focusing.

Top Online Degrees Vs. Top Campus Degrees

In this Infographic, online versus campus degrees are compared which helps one to visualize what degrees are more popular based on the online or campus format of the degree program. See if the degree you want to earn or have earned is listed.