Enhancing Home Learning

Distance learning thrives on makeshift efforts to keep students engaged. Even a game of Monopoly can help build basic math skills. OnlineSchoolsReport explains how teachers and students can enhance student learning, which you can read about in the infographic below.

Why Do Students or Employees Earn an MBA Degree?

Pursuing an MBA program from a renowned institute can help you hone your knowledge and skills. It can also guide you as you try to find your space in the business community and prosper in your sector. However, it is essential to make the right choice when it comes to which MBA program to pursue and from which institute to get the best educational experience.

Education Technology: How Technology is Changing Teaching

Education technology comes in many forms including websites, apps and online courses, and is effective when used both inside of the classroom alongside other teaching methods and at home for self-study. Education technology has many benefits in teaching and overcomes many of the boundaries that traditional methods of teaching present to us such as large classroom sizes and lack of funding.

What You Need to Know About Earning Your DNP

What is a DNP? The DNP is designed for nurses seeking a terminal degree in nursing practice and offers an alternative to research-focused doctoral programs. A post-master’s DNP can typically be earned in one or two years full time. Is the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program right for you? Find out in the following infographic.

The Science & Tech Behind Next-Gen Education

Technology provides a way to show students a wider range of opportunities, and in-class video use and EdTech chatbots seem to be doing wonders. BestEducationDegrees explains how the future of education will become more personalized by implementing technology. What will the classrooms of the future look like?

How Gen Z Is Reshaping The College Years

For Gen Z, it’s all about employment, but unemployment numbers don’t tell the whole story. In the following infographic, OnlineCollegePlan explains how Gen Z is doing college differently. Will Gen Z’s bet on education pay off?

Basic Study Tips Everyone Should Know

Studying is a crucial part of understanding and maintaining all of the information you’ve learned. Here are a few helpful tips from UWorld College Prep to help you reach academic success without losing your sanity in the process.

The Rise of STEM in Schools

STEM-focused curricula was developed in 2001 by Judith Ramaley. Since, the American job market has shifted its hiring preferences to those with STEM backgrounds. However, STEM classroom performance is unsteady. This infographic explains the effectiveness of STEM education.