The Rise of STEM in Schools

STEM-focused curricula was developed in 2001 by Judith Ramaley. Since, the American job market has shifted its hiring preferences to those with STEM backgrounds. However, STEM classroom performance is unsteady. This infographic explains the effectiveness of STEM education.

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad offers students many unique advantages. For example, participating in a study abroad program exposes you to a new culture as you have the opportunity to travel around the world. Living in another country will teach you a new language and develop your worldview, and you will increase your professional network and enhance your resume to stand out from other candidates. 

The Future of Online Learning

Student life is gradually changing with technological progress that opens new opportunities. Educational approaches evolve, and students experience stressful situations more often. College entrants and high school students should address these challenges. This requires finding new solutions and making quick decisions. In their academic pursuits, college freshmen search for new patterns of facing multiple challenges.

How Families Pay for College in 2019

How are families paying for college in 2019? This infographic answers that question based on a College Ave Student Loans survey conducted by Barnes & Noble College Insights polling students about their experience funding higher education.

How To Write the Killer Personal Statement for Your University

When it comes to winning that much coveted position at your university of choice or that dream job, you will be subjected to numerous hardship ensuring that your personal statement impresses the panel. This infographic describes few tips on How to write the killer personal statement that lands you at the university you want.

How Much Does a PhD Cost?

While tuition is the most obvious, there are other hidden costs of getting a PhD that most people don’t consider. For example, PhD candidates lose time that they could devote to their families or other personal pursuits. They may also lose out on opportunities for promotions, training, or career advancement if they have to stop working, not to mention they lose out on benefits such as 401K and health insurance.

An Overview of Student Information Systems

Designed to assist members of the educational field, student information systems (SIS) are software systems providing structure and organization to educational institutions. SIS are used to organize student information, regulate grades and test data, and manage online learning platforms. Genius SIS has created the following infographic to provide an overview of student information systems.

How Can Social Media Help Students Improve Their Academic Performance?

Social media can have a positive influence on education, helping students improve their academic performance. From helping students complete their assignments, get to grips with intricate educational concepts, prepare for quizzes and exams, to improving their practical skills and finding the right career opportunities, social media is playing a vital role in helping students stay on top of their studies.