The Best-Selling Board Games of All Time, Ranked

Board games have been a favorite pastime for thousands of years, with some of today’s most popular board games having been introduced all the way back in 3,000 B.C.E.! Even with video games, streaming services, and other forms of electronic entertainment, many people still turn to board games for a budget-friendly way to spend time with family and friends.

The Best-Reviewed VR Games of All Time

Virtual reality games have become increasingly popular in recent years. With the introduction of affordable VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 (also known as the Meta Quest 2) and PlayStation VR, games in virtual reality have gained traction among veteran gamers and new gamers alike. But which VR titles are worth buying?

Beach Event Ideas for Corporate Organizations

Summer time calls for events and what better venue than beaches? Beaches are a perfect place to enjoy some chill time from the scorching heat. However, organizing an event at the beach requires you to pay attention to details. In the following infographic, urbanevents presents beach event ideas for corporate organizations.

What Makes a Good Streamer?

Did you know that Internet celebrities can make more money than some A-list actors or pop singers? In 2021, YouTuber MrBeast earned an estimated $54 Million – the highest in YouTube history and matches Forbes’ top 54th earning celebrities of 2021 Vin Diesel. But how do these live streamers achieve their success? This infographic may be able to answer those questions.

The Ultimate Timeline of 130 Video Game Controllers

The origin of video game controllers can be traced back to the first computers, military operations, medical applications, and aerospace technology. This infographic explores the evolution of video game controllers starting from 1962, when a rudimentary control box was invented to help navigate the iconic early computer game Spacewar.

20 of the Highest Grossing Films About Lawyers

Here is a useful infographic from the folks at Law Mergers & Acquisitions which features information about the lawyer movies that did the best at the box office. View the main actors, IMDB score, worldwide box office and a fun fact for 20 of the most popular films about lawyers by checking out this decent design.