Which Companies Have Purchased the Most Super Bowl Commercials?

The Super Bowl is the most televised event every year with many people admitting to watching it more for the commercials than for the actual game. Many companies have created heartwarming, funny, and memorable commercials to play during one of these coveted Super Bowl ad spots, but which companies have had the most Super Bowl commercials since the very first Super Bowl game took place in 1967?

DAW Wars – DAW Usage by Genre

The team at Equipboard dug through data from 17,657 musicians – from bedroom producers to festival-headlining, chart-topping acts – and looked at their DAW software usage to find out the best DAWs and the genres they are correlated with. Does the music you make & DAW you use match up to their findings? Read on to find out.

The 50 Car Models Most Commonly Seen on Film and Television

Which car has made the most appearances on film and television? The team at Alan’s Factory Outlet turned to the popular Internet movie car database, IMCDB, to find the answer. Their ultimate list of cars in movies covers more than 70,000 pieces of media, including movies, animated features, movies made for TV, miniseries, TV series, short films, music videos, documentaries, and nonfiction TV.

Best Gambling Movies of All Time

You know what the gambling movie thrill is all about? The risk. Whenever there’s a casino involved in a story, you either win big or lose big. Any gambling movie hero has a pretty clear goal to face. Simply add an interpersonal friction and some action on a way to achieving that goal and, voilà, a good plot conflict is all set up. That is why gambling stories have always made good movies.

Social Media Superstars

Stars of the stage, screen and pitch take the top spots on Facebook and Instagram. However, Instagram has set the scene for the rise of the Influencer. Social Media exists in a universe of its own, but the cross-over between the real world and its online counterpart is alive and kicking. S9 takes a look at the world’s most active social media channels to chart what’s happening where.