Best Gambling Movies of All Time

You know what the gambling movie thrill is all about? The risk. Whenever there’s a casino involved in a story, you either win big or lose big. Any gambling movie hero has a pretty clear goal to face. Simply add an interpersonal friction and some action on a way to achieving that goal and, voilà, a good plot conflict is all set up. That is why gambling stories have always made good movies.

Social Media Superstars

Stars of the stage, screen and pitch take the top spots on Facebook and Instagram. However, Instagram has set the scene for the rise of the Influencer. Social Media exists in a universe of its own, but the cross-over between the real world and its online counterpart is alive and kicking. S9 takes a look at the world’s most active social media channels to chart what’s happening where.

Know Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Enjoy the magical atmosphere of the holidays and get in the festive mood with the best Christmas movies that we’ll never grow tired of.  It’s one of the best ways to feel that warm and cozy feeling of home comfort during the winter, in the company of your closest people. So, curl up under the blanket, make yourself a hot drink and choose the Christmas movies you want to binge this December.

Star Wars Most Feared Warriors: The Mandalorians

The Mandalorians, with their iconic, expressionless helmet, remain one of the most feared groups in the Star Wars universe. But throughout their ancient history, the Mandalorian people would engage in countless civil wars and battles with other factions, including the Jedi Order. Their honor and desire for conflict earned them a fierce reputation throughout the Galaxy, but ultimately led to their demise.

Disney Princess IMDB Power Rankings

While there’s still no official criteria for becoming a Disney Princess, there are several common traits among the official list. These include being human or humanoid, being of royal descent, and of course being a main character of their featured film. As of today, there’s 12 official Disney Princesses who follow these criteria, with fan-favorites Elsa and Anna missing the cut by technically being “queens.”

66 Force Powers From the Star Wars Universe

What is the Force? In the Star Wars epic space saga, the Force was a powerful, mystifying energy field that is present in all beings, creating a bond that connects all in the universe. While the Force was within all beings, only a few had the innate ability to tap into the raw power of the Force and shape it to their will. This infographic explores 66 Force powers that these Force-sensitive individuals may be able to achieve depending on their level of focus, skill, emotional state, and background.