Did YouTube Kill Television?

Has the popularity of YouTube made television obsolete?Growth in television advertising has slowed while video streaming revenue continues to sky rocket. This infographic provides some interesting data on the growth of YouTube since its birth in 2005.

Notorious Celeb Divorces of 2011

Most celebrities do not enjoy the privacy that the rest of us do when they’re going through a divorce and as a result, we get all the gory details. Some divorces are pretty standard but 2011 had is share of insane celebrity break-ups, some of which are documented in the infographic below.

7 Reasons Nothing Leaves Las Vegas

Vacationing in Vegas is an American “rite of passage.” Last year alone the city drew 39 million families, retirees, bachelorettes and bros and there are 7 things they could all tell you about Vegas. This infographic takes a peek at Sin City’s crazy tourism industry.

Listener Driven Radio (LDR) Presents 2011 Year In Review

As we kick off 2012, a new innovator in the media industry, Listener Driven Radio (LDR), shares some highlights from 2011. LDR is reinventing radio by giving listeners control of their favorite radio stations through the web. Listeners to stations using the LDR platform can vote and control which songs play in real time, sign up for alerts when their favorite songs play, and share their favorite songs on Facebook.

The Infamous Van Halen Tour Rider

The year was 1982 with one of the world’s most ostentatious glam rock bands, Van Halen, kicking off a massive tour, but not before sending its demands to the venues it would be playing at. In what is considered to be one of the most ridiculous riders of all time (a rider is the list of amenities required by a band that the host venue must provide), the band requested some items that define the phrase “over the top.”

The Most Commonly Misunderstood Lyrics in Music

Song lyrics are not always the easiest to understand and people are constantly embarrassing themselves by singing the weirdest lyrics ever imagined. The reason for the confusion is because of mondegreens which a misinterpretation of a phrase due to homophony. This Infographic includes some of the top mondegreens in music history.