Top-Earning Dead Celebrities of the Past 5 Years

This infographic explores some of the deceased celebrities earning millions of dollars years after their deaths. Some examples include: Michael Jackson, who earned $400 million in 2018; and Elvis Presley, who earned $40 million. Readers will be surprised to learn how much their beloved celebrities’ estates are earning annually, and where that money comes from.

Celebrities Earn How Much More?!

Most celebrities live a glamorous lifestyle, envied by many, often resulting from their fortunes generated from a job that they may have started as a hobby. As such, it is interesting to see the disparity between how much a celebrity gets paid per year to that of the average person – to do the same job. Data was taken from – of average UK salaries per industry – and compared with gross earnings of the UK top 12 paid celebrities, given by The Telegraph.

Students in Movies: Comparing Top Students and Slackers

Movies about students may be ubiquitous, but not all on-screen students are academically inclined. From movies about smartypants students to those where college is a giant party, the team at OneClass wanted to take a closer look at some of the best and worst on-screen students. Find out who got top grades, who were the fighters, and who were classic slackers.

The 5 Fundamentals of a Modern Stage Design

Providing an experience that can stimulate the senses while highlighting the artist’s performance can be quite difficult especially if you lack the knowledge about modern stage design. In this infographic, Red Damien discusses the essential elements in building the perfect concert stage so you can learn useful tips and tricks in preparing for your next event.

15 Hot Spots for Celebrity Sightings in New York City

New York City is a city of history, glamour, fashion, business, power, action, and creativity. Since the birth of the city, it has been a mecca for television, film, Broadway, and music productions. Talented celebrities from all walks of entertainment flock to New York City to work, eat, shop, and come home. This infographic highlights 15 hot spots that are frequented by entertainers.

Musicians Who Sing the Most About Cars

Musicians have embraced the relationship between music and cars for decades, but exactly which artists sing the most about cars? To try and find out, the team at Gold Eagle analyzed 100,000 songs from the database. The full analysis can be seen in the infographic below.

Top 10 Movie Serial Killers Body Count

Horror genre often involves the intrusion of an evil force that can appear in different characters like ghosts, vampires, werewolves, evil clowns, vicious animals, and other unnatural phenomena or terrible human actions. Which characters from your favorite horror films do you fear the most? In this infographic, SeatUp takes a look at 10 serial killers from various horror movies.