The 20 Largest Solar Power Plants in the World

Here is a circular bar graph that represents the largest solar power plants around the globe. 7 out of the top 20 largest plants (including the worlds largest) are located in India. Solar power is the fastest growing green energy worldwide and these power plants are just the beginning of what the future might hold.

Top 30 Universities That Use the Most Green Energy

Cambridge International’s first ever Global Perspectives survey discovered that many youths are concerned about the future of the planet. Additionally, the NextGen Climate Survey by Blue Shield of California found that 83% of Gen Z youth are concerned about the health of the planet. So it’s no wonder that seeking out the most eco-friendly college campuses is a priority for many high school graduates. This infographic can help students choose the top green colleges in the U.S.

What Could Be in Floodwaters?

Floodwaters have some of the worst water quality ratings, carrying a toxic soup of contaminants. Across Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia, the threat of flooding makes it essential for your safety to understand what could be in your floodwaters. Below, the team at AFS breaks down the most common floodwater contaminants, their health consequences, and what you can do to stay safe during a flood.

The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin

The discussion about the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies – and Bitcoin, specifically – isn’t new, but recent remarks by none other than Elon Musk have given some more notoriety to the issue. That’s why the team at Casinos Blockchain have gathered data from authoritative sources about the environmental impact of Bitcoin and turned it into a helpful infographic.

The 50 Largest Bodies of Water Ranked by Size

This infographic from shows the largest bodies of water on earth, including oceans, seas, lakes and rivers ranked by size. For example, the largest body of water is the Pacific ocean. At over 60 million square miles it covers a large portion of our globe. The Atlantic Ocean is the next largest at 41 million square miles. Then the Indian Ocean at over 27 million square miles.

U.S. Cities with the Most Solar Energy Potential

The growth of solar power in the U.S. has been astronomical over the past decade, and costs have gone down substantially. Today, there are enough solar installations in the United States to power 12 million average homes. In this infographic, look at which U.S. Cities have the most solar energy potential.

Are The Number of Home Floods Increasing?

Flood rates are changing over time, and your home may now be at risk for devastating damage from heavy rains, hurricanes, snowmelt, or overflowing streams. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), managed by FEMA, provides key data to track flood damage. In the following infographic, find out how many U.S. homeowners are impacted by floods each year and the amount of flood damage.

Corporations That Use the Most Solar Power

Major corporations have come under fire for high energy use and environmentally unsustainable operations. One way companies are improving is by building and using clean energy sources like solar power. Companies that use solar energy are helping to reduce harmful emissions in the environment by reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. In this infographic by SolarPower.Guide, learn which corporations use the most solar power.