The Last Straw

The problem with plastic straws is that we use them once and then throw them away. While they are convenient to help us drink down our juices and sodas, they can and often do end into our oceans after we discard them. And because in many ways they are the ultimate in single-use plastic, this is one throwaway item that we could absolutely do without, or replace with reusable straws instead or their paper counterparts.

Eliminate Your Paper Waste

How can eliminating paper waste can save your company? In the following infographic, courtesy of Jobsite By Procore, learn about the real cost of paper and how you can eliminate the paper weight from your business. 

The Tallest Trees in the World

For those of us who love the woods, trees are a constant source of wonder. Towering forest giants can make you feel tiny wherever you are, but some dwarf the rest. In the following infographic, Candide looks at the tallest trees in the world, comparing them to the Space Shuttle and Big Ben.

What To Do in the Aftermath of Hurricane Barry

just because Hurricane Barry is no longer registered as a hurricane does not mean everyone is in the clear just yet. If your home was affected by this hurricane, make sure to follow the following safety precautions from Restoration 1 of New Orleans to protect your home and family.

50 Ways to Use Less Plastic

By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by weight. What can we do to slow, or even stop this process altogether? The answer is to take a closer look at the amount of plastic we use in our lives, and change our daily habits to reduce this unnecessary amount of plastic consumption. Start small by incorporating a few changes and work your way up from there.

Can Solar Power Help South Africans During Load Shedding?

This infographic looks into the energy issues currently facing South Africa due to load shedding. Many South Africans are looking to solar power to help support them through load shedding but research has found that something much bigger must be done in order for South Africa to recover and supply energy to every home across the country.

Tips on Sun Screen to Help Protect Coral Reefs

Chemicals found in most sunscreens have been found to be detrimental to the long term health of coral reefs across the world. By picking the right biodegradable sunscreens, consumers can do their part in protecting the environment. This infographic provides tips on picking a sunscreen that helps to protect coral reefs.

Water Matters: Household Water Conservation

More than seven billion people consume water all over the planet. With the population going through the roof, demand for water continues to intensify. Knowing just how much water you use daily can lead to a better understanding of how much water you can save at home.

A Timeline of When Elements Were Discovered

Scientists have been on the search for the elements that make up our world for a very long time, since 9000 B.C.E. to be exact. This infographic explores the timeline of when all of the elements on the Periodic Table were discovered, where they were discovered, and who made the discovery. Take a trip through time to see how the periodic table came together.