How Climate Change Affects Public Health

Climate change is an issue that not only concerns a large segment of the population but is one that also impacts the health and well-being of people around the world. In this infographic by University of Southern California Master of Public Health Online, discover how climate change affects public health.

The Deadliest Known Natural Disasters by Type

With climate change being a hot topic in this day and age, humans more than ever are wary and alarmed by the unrelenting power of nature. This infographic visualizes the most devastating natural disasters in known history, based on death toll. It also provides insights into contributing factors, intensity, property damage, science, and more.

5 Ways US Cities Can Conserve Water

Water shortages have become a big issue in the last few years. With Cape Town, South Africa earning the unfortunate title of becoming the first modern city to nearly run out of water, there’s a growing awareness among policy makers and the public that this is an issue that can no longer be ignored. With that in mind, Echologics has created an infographic to spread this very message: that there are things we can do to reduce water usage.

What’s Affecting Our Environment?

The negligence of human civilization is creating havoc in the environment. Not one, not two, but in this infographic, Infographic Design Team highlights five of those issues that are slowly pushing Earth on the verge of death. They also explain how we can reverse the ill-effects of human negligence on nature.

Game On: How Hunting Helps Conservation

Hunters are among some of the most ardent conservationists due to the fact that they support programs that help maintain species populations and protected habitat for wildlife. In this infographic, Davis 5 Ranch takes a look at the benefits that come from hunting for sport and the effect they have on wildlife conservation throughout the United States.

Hidden Contaminants Found in Water

In countless forms and occurrences, we encounter water throughout our day-to-day lives. It’s in our food and drinks, our plumbing, our industrial processes, our weather, and even our very bodies. However, working with water doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working with clean, pure water. Even this most crucial resource for living can be tainted by a number of contaminants.

How Oil is Formed

Oil is one of the most valuable resources on the planet because of our use of it in our cars, homes and a variety of other products. In fact, we in the U.S. use over 19 million barrels of oil a day! This infographic details how oil was formed, and why it’s important to use it in a responsible manner as our population grows.

Category 5 Hurricanes of the Past 50 Years

This infographic explores all of the Category 5 hurricanes of the last 50 years. They are also ranked in terms of the amount of damage done to humans. This “Human Impact Index” includes data such as death toll, wind speed, and more. A map view offers a visual representation of each hurricane’s storm tracking, and a chart shows the amount of destruction caused by each hurricane (in USD).