The Most Polluted Major Cities in America

Breathing clean air and drinking clean water are two things many Americans take for granted, but perhaps we shouldn’t. In some parts of the country, the air is full of particulates, the ozone layer is thin, and tap water is rife with contaminants. Here is a list of the 100 most populated cities in the US and ranked them using our pollution index. These are US cities, ranked by air pollution, tap water pollution, and ozone levels.

7 Deadliest Natural Disasters in the USA History

When a nation is struck by something disastrous, either natural or human-made, lives are ruined, families are lost, cities crumble, and the country is hit with a devastating blow leaving those affected in a state of turmoil. In this infographic, Viking Metal Garages takes a look at the top seven worst US Disasters that have accounted for thousands of deaths and millions of heartaches.

Where Natural Disasters Strike Most in the United States

From Category 5 hurricanes that sweep up the coasts to fires that ravage forests and homes alike, natural disasters in the U.S. can do tremendous damage. Some regions in particular find themselves in harm’s way more often than others. This infographic examines which counties have declared the most natural disaster emergencies and how many of each natural disaster they’ve experienced.

The Global Emission of Sulfur Dioxide You Must Know

Sulfur dioxide has a serious impact on the air quality of various countries around the world. So far, which country is the most polluted by sulfur dioxide emissions? In the following infographic, look at data on the global impact of Sulfur Dioxide and how raw coal desulfurization can save us.

8 Reasons Why Bamboo Clothing is Good for the Environment

The popularity of bamboo clothing is on the rise as an eco-friendly, sustainable, and economical alternative to cotton. Bamboo is being considered as an excellent fabric choice among clothing manufacturers and retailers because it is less harmful to the environment than cotton. Not only is bamboo less harmful to the environment than cotton; when used in clothing, the bamboo fabric also offers many beneficial attributes compared to cotton fabric.

The 44 Closest Stars and How They Compare to Our Sun

This infographic explores the 44 closest stars to our planet after the Sun, providing fascinating data on the distance, size, luminosity, constellation, system, and potential planets of each stellar neighbor. The staggering distance between each star sheds light on just how truly colossal the universe is.

13 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Sometimes we don’t realize our small bad habits can have a larger effect on the world. Simple things like getting plastic bags for your groceries at checkout or take out containers can cause a larger disruption. The carbon emissions to make these plastic items...

UK National Parks: Facts & Figures

The UK’s national parks were established in 1951 with the goals of conserving and enhancing the country’s natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. There are now fifteen around the UK. Ten are situated in England, three in Wales and two in Scotland. In this infographic, Cottages to Rent offers insights into these stunning regions with information about their geographical locations and visitor numbers.

5 Things You Can Do Around the Home to Help the Environment

In recent years, what was previously referred to as climate change is now often being referred to as ‘the climate crisis’. This indicates that environmental concerns are more pressing than ever before. Many people want to take action, but helping the environment can seem overwhelming. It is hard to know where to begin, but changing behavior at home can be the best place to start.