What Problems Can Billionaires Solve?

People around the planet are facing a myriad of challenges that feel almost impossible to solve. Things like rising real estate costs, the high cost of healthcare, and rapidly increasing credit card debt feel inescapable due to both the critical thinking and the collective capital needed to solve these challenges. At the same time, the very richest in our society continue to accumulate wealth at record pace.

Brewster’s Billion – 12 Mind-blowingly Creative Ways to Blow a £1Billion

Depending on your age, you may have seen the 80’s film Brewster’s Millions in which Richard Prior is issued the challenge of spending $30 million in 30 days… so he can inherit $300 million. That doesn’t sound like too much of a challenge nowadays. And so, for a bit of fun in these hard times, the folks at Loanable have updated the model and taken a look at 12 ways to outlandishly burn through a billion pounds.

Warren Buffett: The Early Years

Warren Buffett is considered to be one of the greatest investor of all time by many financial experts. His journey through life is nothing short of legendary — from selling gum for profit at the age of 5, to investing in stocks for the first time at the age of 11, to his current net worth of some $84 billion at age 87. The following infographic illustrates the highlights of the early years Buffett’s life.

16 Ways To Earn More and Make Your Customers Love You

You want to rapidly increase sales, sign ups, or simply clicks on a button, but how do you get started? There are thousands of things you could do and some work better than others. It can be challenging to choose. Here’s a comprehensive checklist compiled by Asgard Analytics of 16 essential things you could do to rapidly improve your website so you can earn more and make your customers love you.

The Dark Side Of Crypto

While there are many potential benefits to cryptocurrency, one has to acknowledge this new form of money has gotten a bad reputation as well. There are many reasons as to why criminals are drawn to Bitcoin and other similar currencies. Even so, it remains to be seen how long this situation will remain in place. Learn more about the dark side of crypto in this infographic.

Reasons Mortgages Are Rejected

Getting a mortgage is an important time in everyone’s life when they take the leap to buy a new home, but sometimes you can get denied your application, which can be heartbreaking. So the team at Simply Adverse have put together a few reasons why you may be rejected and compiled those in the following infographic.