How to Fund Your Next Property Purchase

What are your options in funding your next property purchase? Using your current property as leverage can provide many options, some of which are featured in the following infographic. These may include bridging loans, home equity loans, early deposit release and settlement advances. All options have the benefits and weaknesses, depending on your individual needs.

Who Owns the Most Land in the United States?

The United States consists of more than 3.7 million square miles of land. From Utqiagvik in Alaska all the way down to Key West in Florida, land in the U.S. takes many different forms. The Madison Trust team looked at data from The Land Report 100 to determine who owns the most land in the U.S. and compiled the results into the following infographic.

The Principles of Evidence-Based Investing

In recent years, evidence-based investing has gained popularity due to its more transparent and objective nature. Investors who make decisions based on evidence can better predict how their investments will perform in the future, which can help them avoid costly mistakes. However, what exactly is evidence-based investing? Learn more about the principles of evidence-based investing in this infographic.

Where in the U.S. Is Rent the Most (and Least) Affordable

The research team at HousingList pulled rental price data from the National Rent Report and compared it to the median household income in the 100 most populous U.S. cities to determine where to find the most and least affordable rentals. Here is a map showing the cities in the US that have the highest and lowest priced rent for both one and two bedroom apartments.

Why Gold is a Good Bet Against Inflation

Alas, it appears that we are entering a bear (or down) stock market. This could really wreak havoc on your investments and finances. That’s why it may be a good time to consider gold as an investment hedge against inflation. Learn more on this in the following infographic.

A Look at the Financial War

The Russia / Ukraine conflict is a battle not just with the military. Learn more about the financial war happening with sanctions, banks, and cryptocurrency in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of the United States Gold Bureau.

Love and Debt Survey: Are Men Willing to Go in Debt for Love?

They say that money can’t buy love but it sure does influence romantic relationships. Credello conducted a survey this month with 600 Americans on love and money, ages 18 to 44-years-old, and the results reveal that dating and finances can get complicated. The survey reveals surprising facts which are visualized in the following infographic.

Credit Scores: Everything You Need to Know

Credit scores are key when you are looking to apply for different types of credit such as a credit card, loans and a mortgage. A bad credit score can limit your opportunity for credit. Capital One has created the following infographic to provide a quick guide to credit scores.

Why is Inflation So High?

Inflation has hit a record high lately – at 6.8%, it’s at the highest it has been in the last 30 years. What drives inflation and why is it so high? Learn more in the following infographic, courtesy of Expensivity.