The Rise of Cryptocurrency

Many people counted out bitcoin and all cryptocurrency a few years ago, but lately it is undeniable what a price run up it’s been on. Bitcoin is here to stay. Check out the following infographic for more on the bitcoin bull run, courtesy of Expensivity.

A Chronology Of The GameStop Stock Surge

For a lot of people, what’s going on with GameStop’s stock doesn’t make sense. But it seems like the users of Reddit had revolted against the hedge funds playing down their favorite companies, leading them to sink by a billion dollars. In this infographic, GlobusBet shows the roller coaster of GameStop shares.

Best Stocks – Top Recommendations

Best Stocks, who offers free stock recommendations backed by analyst researches, has put together the following infographic which summarizes the 4 top picks of the “best stocks to buy now” program. The recommendation program started in October 2019 and at press time, it has an overall return of over 135%.

COVID-19 & Financial Stress

In this infographic, Selectra explores data on job loss and redundancies due to the COVID Pandemic. It details the effects of financial stress on mental health and steps to take to alleviate financial stress. Additionally, you’ll discover free resources to find help during these challenging times.

How to Build a Stock Trading System for Your Life

Most new traders fail and lose money because they take tips from others, they do what is popular, they do what sounds good at dinner parties, they do what is marketed heavily by the industry, they use someone else’s stock trading system – they don’t do what is profitable. In this infographic, Enlightened Stock Trading looks at how to build a stock trading system for your life.

Importance of Trusted User Identity Verification to Counter Fraud in Financial Sector

Monetary gain is often the motivation of criminals in infiltrating banking institutions, making the financial sector more vulnerable to fraud than other industries. Laws like the PATRIOT Act mandate financial firms to implement identity verification procedures and comply with regulations. These identity authentication processes are deployed when onboarding new clients and before authorizing transactions to ensure that the person accessing the financial services is who they say they are.