Modernizing the Commercial Lending Market

Believe it or not, the commercial side of the real estate lending market is using extremely outdated tech. 43% of banks are using COBOL, a popular programming language that predates the internet. Learn how agile technology will disrupt the commercial real estate lending market in the infographic below, courtesy of FinanceLobby.

FX Black Thursday Explained

Black Swan is a name attached to occasions that can have severe outcomes. Such events are described by their extraordinary irregularity, nearly catastrophic impact, and far-reaching belief that they were obvious in retrospect. Here is an infographic that focuses on an occurrence within the Black Swan category, that is Black Thursday of September 2015.

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing eCommerce

Here is a helpful infographic by London based VizionOnline which offers lots of information about cryptocurrency and how it is changing the eCommerce industry. It is broken down into sections including the crypto explosion, the benefits of cryptocurrency for eCommerce, cryptocurrencies risks and shortfalls and more.

Crypto: Switching From Savings to Payments

There are many benefits in paying for goods and services with crypto assets. These include anonymity and security. Not to mention in recent years several crypto getaways have appeared to make the transactions easy to proceed with. Here is an infographic that depicts the companies and merchants open to crypto payments. 

How Much Are Common Appliances Costing You?

How much are the appliances in your home actually costing you? It only takes a little bit of energy to save on energy costs. Even the small costs can add up in a very big way. This guide from Solar Power Guide shows both the estimated energy use and the estimated energy cost for common appliances and electronics around your home.

Condo vs House: Which is the Better Real Estate Investment for You?

If you’re planning on becoming a homeowner and curious about whether to buy a condo or house, it may be worth looking into some important factors first. There are benefits and disadvantages to both housing types. Each comes with its attributes and features. The following infographic presents the pros and cons of investing in a condo versus a house. It also contains tips that can guide you in deciding which property type to invest in.

The World’s Most Crypto-Friendly Cities

Despite the very nature of crypto-currency eluding the necessity of physical banks, the people who use digital currency do live in particular places, countries, and cities around the world. Using the physical location of bitcoin ATMs sifted by population size and local GDP’s and a scrape of self-professed crypto-enthusiasts on Twitter, this infographic uncovers some unexpected crypto-friendly cities around the world.

Where Can You Get the Most (and Least) Real Estate for $1 Million in the United States?

Imagine being able to purchase either 33.5 homes or just 238 square feet for the same price of one million dollars. Where would you invest? Lots of the charming small towns with good housing markets are experiencing a boom in population as younger families and singles leave the cities in search of more affordable living. This infographic shows which cities can offer the best price per square foot of real estate and which cities provide the worst.