Cryptocurrency Rewind 2018

2018 was definitely one of the toughest years for the world of Cryptocurrency. However, there were also major optimistic signs, such as the increase in the number of blockchain wallets and major technical development. You will learn more about the positive developments and major news and activities in the following infographic. It will brief and explain to you a full round-up on everything about cryptocurrency in 2018.

How Did We Get Here? History of Student Loans

With student loan debt tipping the deficit scales at a now record high of $1.5 TRILLION dollars, the folks at Docupop couldn’t help but wonder, “How the heck did we get here?” To learn how our country got to what many refer to as, “America’s Student Debt Crisis,” check out the following infographic for a historical 101 of student loan events.

Hacking College Debt: 4 Steps to Save Years of Financial Problems

College debt is a growing problem, and it’s shaping the lives of recent grads by limiting opportunities, increasing financial pressure, and restricting personal milestones. However, college students aren’t without choices. By making smart decisions during the college years, it’s possible to avoid college debt altogether. OneClass has put together this blueprint to graduating college with zero debt.

5 Reasons Why Liverpool is Better Than London for Property Investment

London has long been considered the place to be for business, finance and investments, but in recent years things have been changing. Property investment, in particular, is looking a lot less profitable down in London than in Northern cities such as Liverpool. With the average house price in London standing at around £484,173 and just £130,677 up in Liverpool, property investment is a lot more affordable in Liverpool than in the capital.

Who’s Riding the Cryptocurrency Wave?

On December 17, 2017, Bitcoin stock reached an all-time high of $20,089 per BTC. While this figure attracted people equipped with dreams of striking it rich quickly, others looked beyond its value to ponder the exciting possibilities that may exist within cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The rapid gain also prompted response from critics, who voiced their skepticism over the implementation and security associated with anonymous payment systems.

Fundraising With Kids 101

Fundraising season is here again. It can be a hectic time for leaders, parents and kids alike, but that doesn’t stop it from being fun. Fundraising with Kids 101 provides the tools needed to have a successful fundraiser for everyone involved. Whether it’s about sales totals or class participation, having a successful fundraiser can be simple with the tips displayed below in our infographic.

The Best Ways to Safeguard Your Bitcoin

Even though Bitcoin is incredibly convenient for online transactions for everything from product purchases to betting on poker, it’s also incredibly prone to scams. Take these simple measures compiled by Beat The Fish to keep your hard-earned Bitcoin in your wallet where it belongs.

What Can You Buy Instead of a Supercar?

One common trend with many wealthy people is the obsession with expensive supercars, regardless of their practicality or longevity. This fun infographic shows just how else you could spend the money you would use on some supercars, you may find the ideas very influential on your future spending.