All The World’s Gold

Ever since our economy began going down several years ago, gold has been a hot topic of discussion. Have you ever wondered how much we have and what the future looks like for it? This infographic gives us a better perspective of the logistics of gold and what is in store for us.

The “Rent To Own” Vicious Cycle

Barnardo’s recently released a report showing just how much more it costs to use “Rent to Own” options for everyday appliances. Consumers are finding themselves paying up to three times the amount for necessary household items like fridges and washing machines. The following infographic reveals the facts or “renting to own.”

A Guide to Child Tax Benefits

The Child Tax Credit was extended until 2012 and you may be able to reduce your federal income tax by up to $1,000 for each qualifying child. Check out this Child Tax Benefit Infographic to see if you qualify for this and other tax deductions and credits.

Holiday Consumerism

Did Black Friday and Cyber Monday stimulate the economy or just put us all in more debt? The holiday season usually means a huge dip in your checking account, but this new infographic offers new gift ideas that won’t leave you begging for change on the corner.

Your Credit Score and Why It Matters

Your credit scores is essentially a summary of how well you pay your bills, how likely you are to pay loans back, and how much credit you can receive.This Infographic provides details on what can affect your credit score positively or negatively.

Planning For Retirement (When I’m 64)

Baby boomers, who account for nearly 1/4 of Americans, are getting close to retirement age. The U.S. population age 45 and older is growing 18 times faster than the younger generation. This Infographic shows some of the best retirement options in today’s economy for those on the brink of clocking out of the workforce.