Vending Machines in Schools

The U.S. Department of Agriculture set standards for snacks and drinks sold during school hours. These nutritional guidelines are known as Smart Snacks in School. Snacks must have less than 200 calories, less than 35% saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat and have...

The Definitive Guide to Sushi

The first known historical mention of salted fish being combined with cooked rice and fermenting is found in a fourth-century Chinese dictionary. Historians believe this to be the first concept of sushi in print. While we may never get a definitive answer as to how and when sushi was invented, we can learn all there is to know about modern sushi.

Know Your Kitchen Knives

When it comes to buying kitchen knives, there are many points and styles to consider. With kitchen knives, you have to consider what job the knife will need to do before you pick one. From there, choosing the right knife will be down to personal preference. Here is an infographic that takes a look at several common kitchen knives and their uses.

Modern Eating: The Basics

When establishing your menu you have two considerations regarding your target market: do you want to offer a niche dining experience which caters to a certain type of customer, or do you want to offer a broader menu that includes the masses? If your goal is to cater to appeal to a wider customer base, one group you cannot ignore is those with dietary requirements.

A Quick Guide To Sports Supplements

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a recreational fitness enthusiast, it’s important to consume the right supplement for better results. Nutrition Supplements help to hit your fitness goals faster. There are many supplements available in the market. We should choose the right supplement for our body. In this infographic, Canadian Fuel Nutrition highlights the benefits of pre-workout and post-workout supplements and their serving instructions for better results.

Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

Dark chocolate is a snack that almost everyone loves. However, a lot of people think eating dark chocolate every day can affect their health in a bad way. That’s not true. In fact, dark chocolate could be one of the healthier snacks there is. Eating dark chocolate every day can help to protect the brain and your skin, improves cognitive functions, lowers the risk of deceases such as low blood pressure, diabetes, and even reduces stress.

Peppers Ranked by Scoville Heat Units

How spicy are the hottest hot peppers in the world? This chart from ranks 110 peppers on the Scoville Heat Units, from a variety of sweet peppers to the hottest ones on the planet. Are you daring enough to try one of the peppers with the highest SHU?

The United States of Sandwiches

What’s your favorite kind of sandwich? In this infographic, TitleMax takes a look at each individual state and has assembled the United States of Sandwiches, featuring some of the most classic specialty sandwiches ever. From Alabama’s pulled chicken with white sauce to the trout sandwich in Wyoming.