11 Kitchen Essentials You Need to Have

A fully functional kitchen involves numerous essential tools and appliances for daily usage. To help make sure make these tools are available in your kitchen for daily kitchen operations. here is a detailed infographic about 11 essentials you must have in your kitchen.

28 Waffles From Around the World

Waffles are enjoyed around the world in many different ways and the toppings can be quite different depending on where you look. While people in the United States often enjoy their waffles with toppings like chocolate chips, whipped cream, fruit, and/or maple syrup, you’ll find some waffles in Scandinavia covered in salmon, cheese, and sour cream.

The Proper Table Setting Guide for Every Occasion

Whether you are having an elegant dinner party, casual breakfast, romantic date, or lively family buffet, setting a table properly can truly elevate the experience. The team at HowLongtoCook.org has created the following visual guide to how to set a table properly according to the occasion.

16 Ways to Cook a Turkey

While the classic roasted Thanksgiving turkey recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, there are other methods of cooking a turkey that could elevate your hosting game to a whole new level. The team at TitleMax has created a festive guide showing 16 ways to cook a turkey.

16 Ways to Prepare an Egg

Eggs are cheap, delicious, and versatile. There are many delightful ways to eat eggs beyond just sunny-side up or hard-boiled. The team at Kulick’s French Toast Recipes has scrambled up a chart of 16 ways to prepare eggs to expand your breakfast game.

Wine Storage 101: A Guide to Keeping Wine at Home

Have you become more serious about collecting wine and are interested in learning how to store wine so that it ages properly and maintains its flavor? This guide is the perfect place to get started on your journey to becoming a wine connoisseur where you’ll learn about the different factors that can affect wine storage, including temperature, humidity, light, vibrations, and more.

The Best Breakfast Spot in the 25 Most Populated U.S. Cities

From savory dishes like bacon and eggs to sweet treats like French toast, most people have a particular breakfast spot in their town that they like to frequent for their favorite breakfast dishes. Kulick’s French Toast Recipes looked at data from Yelp to determine the highest-rated breakfast spots in the 25 most populated cities in the U.S.

How to Perfectly Flip a Pancake

What’s for breakfast? If it’s golden, fluffy, wonderful pancakes, then you’re going to want to check out this quick reference guide on how to flip a pancake. As passionate pancake connoisseurs, the team at Kulick’s Pancake Recipes are on a mission to help the world enjoy the pancakes of their dreams each and every time.

50 Types of Cheese from Around the World

Cheese is a popular comfort food and an essential ingredient in many dishes around the world. From hard cheeses to softer cheeses, there are so many different types of cheese that nearly everyone can find one that suits their tastes. How To Cook Recipes has researched popular international cheeses and compiled them into the following infographic.