What Food Labels Really Mean

Making healthy choices when grocery shopping should be easy. However, food labels and misleading terms can often misguide our shopping choices. Brown vs white eggs? Free range? Cage-free? Do these terms mean anything or are they simply designed to entice us to buy? This infographic explains the key differences between the terms natural and organic.

Around the World in 50 Traditional Breakfast Dishes

While it’s common knowledge that breakfast is considered the “most important meal of the day,” recent research is beginning to argue this claim. This infographic looks at 50 traditional breakfast traditions around the world in a fashion that will undoubtedly make you hungry. However, no matter what science determines, breakfast is still a universally beloved meal.

Caffeine in Coffee

People may not think of caffeine as the most popular mood-altering drug in the world, even those who use it daily, by drinking coffee, tea, sodas or energy drinks as part of their routine. Coffee Corner has created the following infographic to show some of the most interesting facts about caffeine. Do you know how much caffeine you can take daily?

All About Hot Sauce

From the mildly piquant to the five-alarm, face-melting heat of some of the world’s spiciest sauces, it seems like there’s a hot sauce for just about everyone. The folks at WebstaurantStore have taken a look at hot sauce, from its historical beginning thousands of years ago through today. Explore hot sauces around the world and learn just how spicy those peppers are with a visual Scoville scale of hotness.

How To Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Sugary food makes for a sweet treat that many find tough to resist, present company included. But too much of it can rot your teeth as well as add to your weight. Additionally it can increase risk of heart disease and diabetes. Knowing where sugar hides is a great way to kick-start your plan to bring your sugar consumption under control.

A List of Healthy Foods That Are Actually Fatty

When it comes to getting healthy, general advice usually includes taking on a healthier, cleaner diet to give your body something better to work with. People often cut out sodas and overly fatty foods in favor of juices and reduced fat items in order to get on the right path. However, while some options may seem healthy on the surface because they lack additional fat or dreaded corn syrup, those vacancies can be filled with a surplus of other ingredients that aren’t exactly the healthiest either.