A Beginner’s 10 Rules of Thumb for Pairing Food and Wine

Wine has several benefits it can grant you when taken in moderation. Apart from improving the quality of your meals and enhancing their flavors, it can also give health benefits. Check out the following infographic for more information on the basic rules of pairing wine and food in everyday situations or special occasions.

Safe Minimum Cooking Temperature Chart

This chart shows how you can use a food thermometer to check to see if the food you are cooking has reached a temperature that is hot enough to kill bad bacteria that can cause food poisoning. It shows the safe cooking temperature for chicken, wild game, ham, leftovers, beef, turkey, eggs, lamb, pork, fish and vegetables.

How Healthy Juices Can Help You in Quick Weight Loss

People try a myriad of diet plans in order to lose weight quickly. However, healthy juices can help with weight loss more quickly and can also keep your energy level at the optimal level during a weight loss diet. In this infographic, Top Rated Buyer Guides looks at how healthy juices can help you in quick weight loss.

How Countries Around the World Make Their Coffee

Coffee was cultivated and marketed economically on the Arabian Peninsula by the fifteenth century. In the 17th century, Europeans followed the caffeine boat, and coffee shops soon became meeting places for artists and writers. The seedling continued to thrive, resulting in prosperous coffee business in the nation, as well as serving as the parent for coffee trees in modern-day South and Central America and the Caribbean.

50 Breads From Around the World

Here is a fun visual list of different kinds of bread from around the world illustrated with all the ingredients for each as well. If you wanted to make Coppia Ferrarese from Italy for example, you would need flour, lard, malt and olive oil. If you wanted to make Injera from Ethiopia you would only need two ingredients, teff flour and water. Discover 50 Breads From Around the World in this infographic.