New Opioid Prescription Guidelines by the CDC

Ever wondered why medical practitioners warn their patients to strictly follow their instructions when using prescription opioids? Well, it’s because these drugs have a higher risk of causing addiction. However, most healthcare providers and patients didn’t know this until the CDC came up with opioid prescribing guidelines.

American Vaccine Confidence: Closing the Gap

America has now hit a major milestone with over half of adults have now been vaccinated. That said, it’s still a long way to go to reach herd immunity, where experts estimate 70 – 85% will need to have the vaccine for this to happen. In this infographic, understand more about how has been hesitant in receiving the vaccine and ways to close the gap of vaccine hesitancy.

Anatomy of a Fever: Its Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

A fever is a common health condition a person experiences when sick, usually caused by other illnesses. It occurs when the body’s immune system responds to a virus or bacteria, causing the body to warm up in an attempt to fight that foreign invader. However, if the temperature gets too high, that’s when it becomes more damaging to the body than the infection.

Crafting for Mental Health During Lockdown

In this infographic, learn how to improve your mental health with crafting activities as well as how art-making reduces stress and anxiety and has helped many of us cope during the global lockdown. While you are at it, try these free svg files to start your own crafting journey.

The Health Benefits of a Sauna

People all over are are beginning to realize the amazing benefits of a sauna, and with good reason. A deep, healthy sweat every day is physically reinvigorating; releasing tension and helping muscles unwind. Here is an infographic that shows just how many different positive effects a sauna experience can have on both your mental and physical state.

The Future of Healthcare is Digital

The pandemic has brought up some changes for the better and one of them is in improving healthcare communications. Learn how healthcare messaging is improving patient care in the following infographic, courtesy of Soprano Design.

How to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is extremely common , with more than 3,000 new cases each year in the UK.  Despite the alarming numbers,  99.8% of these cases are estimated to be preventable if detected early. Leading UK private gynaecology and urogynaecology practice , London Women’s Centre , have produced an informative infographic explaining the most effective ways to prevent cervical cancer.

Male Urinary Incontinence Products – What Are Your Options?

One in four American men will face the reality of urinary incontinence at some point in their life. If you’re one of these men, then there’s no need to fear. It may, at first, be a difficult diagnosis to get your head around but you aren’t alone and there’s plenty of amazing treatment and product options to help you manage your symptoms on a daily basis. The great news is there’s plenty of product options out there to suit everyone’s needs.

Recover + You: A Path Forward

Millions of people suffer from alcohol use disorder (AUD), and many will seek treatment of some form this year to help aid in their path to recovery. When you look at the statistics of alcohol abuse, it’s rather astounding at how many people have been affected by use of this drug. If you are seeking more information on how to break alcohol dependency, have a look at this illustrated infographic.