How Medical Cannabis Can Help Pain Management

Confusion surrounding the legalization of cannabis and its use for medical purposes can make it difficult to understand if cannabis use is safe and legal in your area. According to Canadian law the use of cannabidiol derived from cannabis is legal under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. That means you can legally and safely choose to use cannabis products to assist with a number of medical issues.

Fartlek Training Advantages and Disadvantages

Fartlek is a Swedish term that means “speed play”. It is a blend of distance training and interval training, which allows for more flexibility in workouts.This fartlek training infographic by Triathletes Tribe provides the benefits and disavantages of fartlek training, explains what fartlek training is, and provides examples of types of fartleks to do.

Eye Injuries in the Workplace

OSHA estimates that there are 1,000 eye injuries a day and these injuries often lead to permanent damage. Eye safety in the workplace is crucial for protecting workers from harm and this infographic explores the main causes of eye injuries, how safety managers can address the issue, and how employees can protect themselves.

How to Support Someone in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is a challenging time in a person’s life. If you know someone undergoing the addiction recovery process, there are many ways you can support them while taking care of yourself. In the following infographic, Nexus Recovery provides details on how to support someone in addiction recovery.

Men vs Women: Urinary Incontinence

Women and men can both suffer from incontinence. This is caused by many issues from age to pregnancy, with age being the most common. Recognizing what is happening to your bladder will help with treatment options for incontinence. This infographic from Men’sLiberty explores this subject in more detail.

Addiction Warning Signs: What to Look For

Addiction affects millions, but many never seek help. Many try to deny their addiction or hide any signs from their loved ones. If you believe your loved one may be suffering from addiction, there are warning signs you can look out for. JC’s Recovery Center has created an infographic highlighting warning signs and how to help your loved one with an addiction.

The Basics of Dental Care

Oral health  is crucial to be healthy, which is why visiting a dentist on a regular basis is very important. This helps prevent cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, and cleaning your tongue regularly are all important steps for maintaining good oral health. For more tips on how to maintain proper dental care, check out this infographic.

13 Reasons Why You Should Sleep Naked (According to Science)

There are quite a few health benefits to sleeping naked. Not only can it help you with physical things like thermoregulation, but it can also boost your mood, improve your confidence and increase feelings of trust and intimacy between you and your bed partner. In the following infographic, Snore Mentor looks at 13 reasons why you should sleep naked.

America’s Addiction Statistics 2019

In the following infographic, courtesy of, discover addiction statistics and data for individuals in the United States. For example, there were approximately 7,400,000 people in the United States over the age of 11 with addiction in 2016. Read on for...