An Overview of Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance in the United States can often be a tricky matter with many not understanding the basic vocabulary and statistics behind it. Uninformed views of it can cause people to buy improper services for themselves. This infographic seeks to inform viewers so they can make the right healthcare decision for themselves.

The Beauty of Fasting

How can you handle cancer prevention? It is possible to increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy? When you pause eating, you can prevent certain illnesses to occur. This will help your organs to function better. In fact, a fasting lifestyle have many benefits to human being and involves not only abstinence from food but also a spiritual fasting.

Myths & Facts of Heart Disease

There are plenty of misconceptions about heart disease out there, from who can get it to how it feels. Relying on false assumptions can be dangerous to your heart. Because cardiovascular disease kills more people each year than any other disease, let us explore the myths & facts about heart disease.

An Overview of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is caused by a number of reasons including birth complications, genetics, chronic ear infections, excessive noise exposure, types of medical conditions, drug use, and age. Depending on the type of hearing loss, treatment options include assistive devices, cochlear implants, hearing aids, sign language, and surgery. In the following infographic, Online Hearing provides an overview of hearing loss.

Back In Pain

Everyday activities can hurt musculature and skelature in our backs, and once you have an injury it’s very difficult to recover. Take reasonable precautions and avoid a lifetime of pain. Learn more about back pain in this infographic from Online Mattress Review.

7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

Your mattress affects you in more ways than you could imagine. This is especially true when it comes to your health, specifically your sleep. One of the leading causes of poor sleep is a bad mattress. It is important to find a bed and mattress that suits you as you will spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. In this infographic, discover 7 ways your mattress affects your sleep and health.

A Guide to Clean Beauty

Clean beauty products are thoughtfully created by companies and are produced without any toxic ingredients. These ingredients are often also ethically sourced and organic. To learn more about clean beauty, and other better-for-you product types like vegan and organic, what ingredients you should be avoiding and some simple DIY recipes to make your own skincare products at home, check out this clean beauty guide

How Does Hospice Care Differ from Palliative Care?

Both hospice and palliative care prove that health care goes beyond the physical body. In order to achieve overall health and wellness, you also need to tap into the other aspects that make humans—the mind and soul. With hospice and palliative care, people can take control of their lives despite the consequences. In the following infographic, learn more about how hospice care differs from palliative care.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking Timeline

The healing starts almost immediately after we put off our final cigarette. There are so many benefits to quitting smoking and the following infographic by Quit With Nerd shows you a timeline on how your body progresses and miraculously heals itself.

Tips to Prevent Shin Splints

Shin splints commonly affect the people who are engaged with running, and longer workouts or stop-start sports such as cricket, tennis, racquetball, or soccer. Shin splints can also cause stress reactions to bone fractures. However, if your body doesn’t get time to enough relaxation, the tiny cracks can result in a complete fracture. In this Infographic, discover some ways of preventing shin splints more easily.