Smoking During Pregnancy

Everyone knows the harmful effects of smoking. However, have you ever wondered how cigarettes will affect a pregnant woman, especially with regards to her child? This infographic shows the statistics of mothers who smoke during pregnancy around the US. It also contains some helpful information about the risks and harms, as well as some tips to on how to quit smoking.

How Coffee Can Boost Your Brain Energy

This infographic provides information about how coffee can boosts brain energy. The graphic starts off with a couple of quick facts and then goes on to provide the reasons such as coffee boosts brain energy, coffee reduces depression.

A Guide to Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, or light therapy, has been used for ages to treat health conditions and as a relaxing therapy. You can incorporate colors into your home, lifestyle, clothes, and more to reap the benefits. American Standard Walk-In Tubs has put together this handy infographic which serves as a guide to Chromotherapy.

Should You Try CoolSculpting to Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight is to have a proper diet and consistent exercise regime. Nutritionists say that that successful weight loss relies 80% on proper nutrition and only 20% on exercise. However, there are body fats that are hard to burn by exercising and proper eating, causing the body to have sagging portions. This can be solved by a new sensation in body aesthetics technology called CoolSculpting.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Eyes

Knowing how to maintain healthy eyes will help not only keep good eyesight, but also may also help you keep from developing any serious eye conditions. In this infographic from Healing The Eye, discover 9 essential tips for maintaining healthy eyes.

The Importance of Skin Care Products

Having a skin care routine is important, but even more important is the type of skin care products you use. A basic skin care routine involves cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, and you need to have a skin care routine because it enhances your complexion and cleans...

The Future Of The Business Of Hemp

The hemp business is booming and laws are slowly catching up to this massive industry. More than 1 in 4 Americans have tried CBD to relieve pain, stress, and anxiety and by 2024, the CBD industry is projected to hit $20 billion. What will the future hold? Learn more within this infographic from BioMD+.

How to Start an Overall Lifestyle Change

An overall lifestyle change is essential for getting back on track to be healthy. Having a healthy lifestyle is important because it reduces the risk of medical conditions, lowers stress levels, and leads to a longer life. In the following infographic, the team at Working Against Gravity looks at how to start an overall lifestyle change.

How To Make Weight Loss Happen

Weight loss is important because it enhances your quality of life, lowers the risk of medical conditions and diseases, improves overall health, increases activity level, and provides an energy boost. To lose weight, you should focus on having a consistent exercise routine and eating healthy foods. You should also practice portion control and keep a list of the food you eat. Learn more about how to make weight loss happen in this infographic.

An Overview of Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare insurance in the United States can often be a tricky matter with many not understanding the basic vocabulary and statistics behind it. Uninformed views of it can cause people to buy improper services for themselves. This infographic seeks to inform viewers so they can make the right healthcare decision for themselves.