How Eyeglasses Work And The Tech That Helps

Eyeglasses have been around for centuries, but there are new advancements in technology making them better all the time. Even if you wear glasses, chances are you don’t really understand how they work. Learn more about how glasses work and how the technology is improving in this infographic.

Botox 101: Everything You Need to Know

Used for decades, one of the most popular cosmetic procedures is Botox injections. As a nonsurgical procedure, Botox is cost effective compared to other cosmetic procedures and takes effect quickly. Botox is known for improving cosmetic appearances but is also used as a treatment option for a number of medical conditions including Bells Palsy, excessive sweating, migraines, and neck spasms.

What is a Lung Nodule?

Lung nodules can be a source of anxiety for people who discover they have them. However, 95% of lung nodules are benign, meaning they aren’t cancerous. Here is an infographic that includes some information for Lung Cancer Awareness Month to help explain lung nodules.

Stand To Prevent Sitting Disease

Many people suffer health issues due to inactivity or a lack of physical activity. Some spend too much time at their workplace, sitting for more than five hours a day, while others spend hours sitting watching television every day. The dangers of sitting can be prevented simply by moving around more during the day. There are simple and convenient strategies that you can use to start to move more, whether you are at work or at home.

Breaking Down the Vaping Epidemic

Vaping has become popular over the last decade. Considered a sleek tobacco alternative, it’s no wonder they appeal to the young and old. However, recent reports show a growing lung epidemic linked with vaping. Moreover, leading e-cigarette company JUUL is under fire...

Smoking During Pregnancy

Everyone knows the harmful effects of smoking. However, have you ever wondered how cigarettes will affect a pregnant woman, especially with regards to her child? This infographic shows the statistics of mothers who smoke during pregnancy around the US. It also contains some helpful information about the risks and harms, as well as some tips to on how to quit smoking.

How Coffee Can Boost Your Brain Energy

This infographic provides information about how coffee can boosts brain energy. The graphic starts off with a couple of quick facts and then goes on to provide the reasons such as coffee boosts brain energy, coffee reduces depression.

A Guide to Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy, or light therapy, has been used for ages to treat health conditions and as a relaxing therapy. You can incorporate colors into your home, lifestyle, clothes, and more to reap the benefits. American Standard Walk-In Tubs has put together this handy infographic which serves as a guide to Chromotherapy.

Should You Try CoolSculpting to Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight is to have a proper diet and consistent exercise regime. Nutritionists say that that successful weight loss relies 80% on proper nutrition and only 20% on exercise. However, there are body fats that are hard to burn by exercising and proper eating, causing the body to have sagging portions. This can be solved by a new sensation in body aesthetics technology called CoolSculpting.