How Many Calories Do I Need To Burn

We all know our favorite pizza or that extra bag of crisps isn’t healthy but do you know just how unhealthy they are? Did you know you’ll need to spend more time on a treadmill to burn off a Big Mac Meal that you would an entire Christmas dinner with all the trimmings?

1 in 3 Children in America Are Overweight

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you no doubt have recognized that childrens’ health in America is a growing problem, largely due to poor diet and changing play habits. This Infographic looks at some of the trends thatre placing our children at risk.

Obesity in America

This infographic from The Hartman Group provides information for the rate of obesity in the United States, revealing the factors that lead to obesity and why people continue to carry on those habits.

Smoking Around the World

This Infographic examines the smoking rates of nations around the world, as well as a comparison of the measures those countries take to curb tobacco consumption and secondhand exposure. The data is from 2007 but still quite interesting.

Our Medicare System: A Blueprint For Disaster

The Medicare system as we know it is due to collapse in 2016, leaving over 46 million people stranded and over 250 million Americans without hope of healthcare coverage in the coming decades. This clever Infographic by reveals why our current Medicare system is a blueprint for disaster.

All About Testicular Cancer

This is an all inclusive illustration of testicular cancer symptoms, demographics, risk factors and more. BTB Sunglasses has teamed up with the Testicular Cancer Society to help raise awareness of testicular cancer.