Infection Control and Support are Needed in Nursing Homes

It’s time to properly recognize the heroes amid the global pandemic – all of them. Why think of only healthcare workers while punishing nursing home workers with too many penalizing moves as opposed to supporting them and giving them infection control measures? Learn more in the thoughtful infographic below, courtesy of IPCWell for more.

Why Are Probiotics Necessary?

Your health is your wealth. If you are looking to up your game in this area, it may be time to consider probiotics in your diet. Learn more about the world of probiotics in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Nouri.

The Best and Most Effective Asthma Drug: Flovent Inhaler

For those with asthma, an inhaler is key to quality of life and overall medical safety. When you can’t breathe properly, there’s nothing you need more than your inhaler. The Flovent inhaler is a common long-term treatment option for asthma. Learn more about this drug in this easy-to-read infographic.

The Fastest-Spreading Viruses in World History

Which viruses in history were the fastest to spread throughout society? The NY Requirements team compared the basic reproduction number (R0) of 26 different viruses that require human-to-human transmission to see which were found to spread to the most people during the height of the virus outbreak.

Top 6 Exercises to Combat Erectile Dysfunction

We all know that cardio workouts are great for your heart. Pilates does wonders for your core. Weightlifting helps with your strength. Yoga is good for your mental health. But, did you know that there are exercises (several, in fact) that can help you with erectile dysfunction, and improve your sex life in general? In the following infographic, Canadian Pharmacy World looks at 6 exercises to combat erectile dysfunction.

Food Allergy Testing – Diagnosing Your Allergy

In the fight against allergic reactions, food allergy testing is a key component for allergists. Access to information is one of the best ways to ensure that children and adults get an accurate diagnosis for their food allergies and to help with this, Food Allergies Atlanta has put together the following infographic to help spread awareness about food allergy testing.

5 Tips to Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, affects an estimated 2.4% of adults. While it is not necessarily a serious problem, sometimes it can mask a more severe issue. Halitosis isn’t a pleasant condition to have. It can be embarrassing and will have detrimental effects on your confidence and social life. Taking care of your overall oral health will help you get rid of your bad breath. Here is an infographic that provides 5 tips to avoid bad breath.

The Link Between Sleep and Success

Is there a link between sleep and success? If you look at the habits of successful people, you will find that many of them sleep the minimum requirement of 7 hours a night. Learn more about how sleep and success go hand in hand in the infographic below, courtesy of Online Mattress Review.