A Beginner’s Guide to Micellar Water: What You Need to Know

In the current popularity of skincare and other beauty regimens, some products have stood out as essentials for anyone looking to take better care of their skin. One of these must-have products is micellar water. So what’s the big deal? Learn more about micellar water and why you need it in your skincare routine from this infographic.

Why Nursing Homes Need Telemedicine

Nursing home residents are among our most vulnerable population and they require a variety of medical experts that may not always be readily available to them. Learn why nursing homes need telemedicine in the following infographic.

Preventing Heat Stress

High temperatures can be dangerous and even fatal at work. In 2015, exposure to environmental heat led to 2,830 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses, as well as 37 work-related deaths. Learn how prevent heat stress with this infographic.

Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Risk Assessment & Facts

Although India’s healthcare has improved significantly over the years thanks to scientific and medical progress, the health status of women in the country is unfortunately still very poor. This infographic has been prepared to highlight the main problems that women face every day, regardless of demographics or region.

30 Day Running Challenge

Running has myriad benefits. It improves mental and physical health, prevents various illnesses and medical conditions, and increases fitness. Research shows that only three weekly sessions of 30-45 minutes are enough to help reduce depression. Even more, it’s absolutely free. All you need is a pair of good shoes, somewhere to run, and the background noise of your choosing.

Fighting Severe COVID Risk

We’ve all heard of people that have had mild or asymptomatic cases of COVID, while others are severe or even fatal. How can we prioritize COVID vaccines for those who are most likely to be the most ill? GeneType has created the following infographic that looks at fighting severe COVID risk.

Coronasomnia: COVID-19 and How It Affects Our Nightly Z’s

With the COVID-19 pandemic driving the world into uncharted waters, profound changes have emerged in almost every area of our lives. With the unprecedented shift coming in so quickly, it’s understandable that the importance of sleep is flying under the radar. However, giving priority to sleep offers benefits that are far more useful than you think.

6 Potential Benefits of Terpenes

One of the more powerful compounds that exists in nature is Terpenes. They are the foundation for essential oils, contributing to the natural aromas and tastes of a vast majority of plants and herbs. Like many other naturally occurring chemicals, Terpenes have become the subject of study for scientific and medical research. Learn more about these medical benefits and the Terpene profiles associated with them in the following infographic.

How To Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety affects most people at one point or another. Learning to cope with anxiety is an important skill that everyone should have. Ways to cope with anxiety include putting your phone away, only reading credible news sources, getting enough sleep, limiting caffeine intake, practicing mindfulness, eating a healthy balanced diet, limiting alcohol consumption, exercising regularly, and even connecting with others.

Guide to Heart Disease: Types, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Failure to care for your heart runs the risk of developing heart disease or cardiovascular disease (CVD). Different types of heart diseases show varying symptoms and affect a specific part of the cardiovascular system. Check out the following infographic to determine the various types of heart disease alongside their causes, symptoms, and treatment options.