Is Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Worth It?

Pharmacies and supermarkets have been selling over the counter whitening products for many years. These products have recently taken over social media, TV and radio ads and have left people with questions. Do they work? What is in them? Why are they so cheap? In this infographic, Verve Dental looks at whether over the counter teeth whitening is worth it or not.

The Booming Business of Telemedicine

Ever since the start of the global pandemic, many medical practices needed to shift into telehealth and telemedicine very quickly. Check out the following infographic to explore just how large the business of telemedicine and telehealth truly is.

Bariatric Surgery: What’s New

Obesity is associated with several health-related risks and consequences. This can ultimately result in a reduced quality of life and an earlier death. However, studies have shown that patients who lose weight following bariatric surgery can significantly reduce their risk of obesity related health issues.

Migraines and Headaches

A migraine is an acute type of recurring headache that causes excessive, pounding pain on one side of the head. In some cases, the migraine slowly shifts from one side of the head to the other side as well. There are various treatments for a recurring Migraine headache. Biomagnetism therapy is one such treatment that can help your body heal naturally.

A New Model for Nursing Home Dialysis

There’s a better approach to dialysis for nursing home residents. Switching to a 3-day model reduces the risk of exposure, lowers treatment time, and reduces the costs of travel. Learn more from this infographic courtesy of Concerto Renal Services.

How Effective Have Vaccines Been in the United States?

What would the world be like without vaccines? To imagine this, we must consider how many lives vaccines have saved. Immunization currently prevents around 4 to 5 million deaths annually, many of those children. In fact, more than 1 billion children have been vaccinated over the past decade against serious diseases. This infographic explores how vaccines in the United States have saved countless lives.

What Can Go Wrong With a Paragard IUD?

The Paragard IUD is a non-hormonal, copper-wrapped intrauterine device inserted by a medical specialist and meant to last for ten years. Despite the apparent advantages of this birth control method, the outcome of Paragard use may prove to be catastrophic to women’s health.

Health Charities Ranked by How Much They Spend per Afflicted Person in the U.S.

Charitable giving has been on the rise in the United States, with more than $546 billion raised in 2019 from Americans, corporations, and foundation giving. That made the team at wonder just how much some of the largest health charity organizations are spending on their programs compared to the number of people afflicted with the disease or disability that the charity was founded to help.

A Beginner’s Guide to Micellar Water: What You Need to Know

In the current popularity of skincare and other beauty regimens, some products have stood out as essentials for anyone looking to take better care of their skin. One of these must-have products is micellar water. So what’s the big deal? Learn more about micellar water and why you need it in your skincare routine from this infographic.