A Timeline of Reddit

Here is a timeline infographic that explores the history of the popular social news platform Reddit. It shows key events throughout the history of Reddit such as when it was first launched by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in 2005, when they started to allow users to create subreddits in 2008, and more.

What is Juneteenth? Everything You Need to Know

Juneteenth, derived from “June Nineteenth,” is an annual observance in the United States that holds historical significance. This informative infographic provides a comprehensive overview of Juneteenth, delving into its rich history, exploring the symbols associated with the celebration, and offering insights on how to commemorate it.

The Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles by Decade

The history of wedding dresses is intertwined with history in general. But what did brides wear in Victorian times? What did wedding dresses look like in the 1960s? And why are wedding dresses white? Here is a visual guide to wedding dress styles by decade starting from the woman who ignited the tradition of the white wedding dress.

How a Gift Inspired a Creative Revolution

You never know what the kindness and generosity that a gift can take the direction of the world. Take the case of a simple gift of an Accutron wristwatch that sparked a creative revolution that lead to iconic buildings and sneakers. Learn more in the following infographic.

The 30 Deadliest Structural Failures of All Time

Throughout history, structural failures caused by faulty construction materials or heavy rains have led to building collapses, dam failures, bridges collapsing, and more, with some of the deadliest of these causing the deaths of hundreds or even thousands of people. The ForneyVault research team put together a list of 30 structural failures that have led to the highest death tolls in history.

The History of Sunglasses: Know What You Wear

Sunglasses have a bold and sexy history in modern times, and their popularity has only increased in the last century. That may be due to the fact that sunglasses haven’t been a part of human life but for a short time. To understand the evolution of sunglasses and prescription sunglasses, SafetyGearPro.com has put together the following infographic.

The Meaning Behind Every Type of Patch on a U.S. Military Uniform

One of the first things you notice upon seeing a member of the U.S. military is that their uniform is adorned in a variety of patches. These patches are sewn across the front and on both shoulders, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. But what do the patches on military uniforms mean? To better understand these important identifiers on a military uniform, WizardPins has created the following diagram that breaks down each patch’s meaning.