The Unknown Makers Behind Everyday Items We Take for Granted

It’s likely that today, you may have started the dishwasher, checked your home security system, packed a sandwich, put a ballpoint pen in your pocket, wiped the rain off your car with the windshield wipers, paused at a traffic light, and sat down at a keyboard. But who are the makers behind these everyday inventions we take for granted? There are dozens of relatively unknown inventors, and their inventions have absolutely changed the landscape of modern life.

The Evolution of the Presidential Car

Americans have a longstanding fascination with the way things work. From that fixation has grown a culture of innovators and pioneers, with politics and cars being no exception. This infographic breaks down the history and evolution of the presidential state cars, from the first Model M Steamer in 1909 to the Cadillac One nicknamed ‘The Beast.’

A Century of New York City’s Evolving Skyline

There will always be a couple of things you want to change in your home, no matter how much effort do you put into decorating every room. These annoying household eyesores will catch your eye every time you enter the room. For some practical tips on how to hide household eyesores, check the helpful infographic.

The Journey of Steve Jobs

The late Apple founder Steve Paul Jobs was an American entrepreneur and business magnate best known for his innovative ventures of the Apple Inc., the NeXT computer, Pixar, and Disney. The following infographic from Blue Mail Media follows the journey of this technical pioneer.

Housing Through the Ages

Here is a creative and fun infographic from House Network detailing the advancement and growth of resident housing. These changes range from the Stone Age and the Roman era to the 20th century and futuristic housing.

The History of Candle Making

Nothing provides the simultaneous benefit of atmosphere and style to your home quite like candles. With over 2,000 types of candles and 10,000 different scents to choose from, your home can truly stand out with a well-chosen candle. Although they may seem like a simple home accessory, candles actually have a rich history dating back thousands of years.

23 Lost and Hidden Treasures From Around the World

What sort of treasures lurk between legend and reality? Where can we find the missing pieces of our history? And why can’t we find the treasures that could be right beneath our feet? In the following infographic discover some of the most famous, mysterious, and tantalizing treasures that modern man still hasn’t found.

A History of Famous Fences

Every year, millions of people travel thousands of miles to see the world’s most historic, famous buildings in real-life – and it’s exactly the same situation with fences (and walls). Whilst the original purpose of fences may have been to create a physical barrier to stop people from getting in or out somewhere. to this day the world’s most famous fences are still attracting thousands of travelers every year.

The History of the Treadmill

Here is a look at how the treadmill has evolved the centuries. Starting with its origins in Ancient Roman construction moving right through to its use in prisons and beyond. This infographic by HFE looks at how the treadmill has become one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment to ever be created.