The Ultimate Metal Building Installation Checklist

Steel structures are flexible and cost-effective building solutions. Highly durable and virtually maintenance-free, metal building systems can be customized to capture any desired look or functional use. From choosing the right foundation to the selection of doors, windows, color, roof-style, etc., you need to check every aspect to ensure the correct and timely installation of your building. Follow this visual checklist to be sure your building site is ready to go on the day of installation.

How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Furniture

Your furniture does a lot for you. From giving you a place to lounge after a long day to providing the perfect setting for making family memories, your couches, chairs and ottomans really do a great job of pulling their weight around the house. So it’s only fitting that they deserve the right upholstery and fabric.

How to Remodel a Metal Garage to an Apartment?

Are you considering remodeling your metal garage into an apartment to rent or as a guest room or mother-in-law suite? It can be a complicated and time-consuming project to attempt, but it will be well worth the time and investment. Check out the following Infographic to find out how to turn your metal garage into the perfect apartment to meet all your family’s needs.

How To Measure for Stair Runners

Stair runners come in many widths, typically varying from 20″ to 48″ wide. The most common width is 27″ for a standard staircase. With this infographic you will learn how to measure stair runners if you have straight stairs, stairs with 90 degree turns, pie-shaped stairs, and everything else you need to know to install your stair runner rugs like a pro.

15 Amazing Tips to Organize Your Metal Garage

Organizing your cluttered garage isn’t a single task. You have one of the best metal garage floor plans, but it becomes a big mess with time. That’s where you find ways to make your garage more organized and better to use. In this infographic, Viking Metal Garages provides 15 tips to organize your metal garage.

25 Hacks To Spring Clean Your Home

It is officially Spring in the western hemisphere which means it’s a great time to dust off the cobwebs and give your homes a bit of a refresh. Over the last year, many of us have spent the majority of our time at home and well, the place we call “home” may have become a little dull and even dirty. Here are 25 spring cleaning hacks.

Home Decor Trends 2021

As people spent most of their time indoors last year, not only were they craving for comfort, – they were also forced to redesign their spaces to meet the demands of the new quarantine lifestyle. Whether it required organizing a Zoom-friendly living room, creating a functional home office, or discovering an ingenious pantry organizing solution, just about any area of a home required a refresh.

Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Achieving a successful house move can be quiet challenging. There are various things you need to take care of prior and after moving. Therefore, you must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and financially. This infographic by Pro Removalists Brisbane provides an extensive moving guide with a list of important items that must be included in your checklist.  

Top 20 Home Made Cleaning Products

In our house cleaning, we may utilize different types of cleaning products to maintain its immaculate state. However, using these chemicals can have a severe repercussion to us and the environment. In this infographic, Pro Carpet Cleaning Sydney share the top 20 homemade cleaning products, including easy to follow recipes and natural ingredients you can use.

The Best 10 Carpet Stain Removal Tips

It’s inevitable that carpeting in your home can become stained any time. Therefore, savvy homeowners should be equipped with proven and tested techniques to remove carpet stains. In this infographic, the team at NO1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne present the best 10 carpet stain removal tips, including the products and formula on how to make a homemade solutions.