Fetching an Edge With Pet-Friendly Apartment Amenities

Pet owners are having a big impact on the apartment rental market. Can you leverage your pet-friendly apartment community to be more competitive and profitable? The team at Apartments.com have rounded up some key points to consider including logistics, financial trends, and popular pet amenities. Check out this infographic for the best pet-friendly apartment amenities to keep in mind.

Where Real Estate Prices Are Rising the Fastest in the U.S.

With real estate prices continually increasing, the United States is seeing an affordable housing crisis beginning to emerge. Housing prices are on the rise and many American families are having trouble affording a new home or even being able to keep up with the mortgage on their current home. But where are prices increasing the fastest? This infographic examines the real estate market in each major region of the United States to find out which are increasing faster than others.

Finding the Lawn Care Equipment You Need

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or are just in need of new lawn care equipment, choosing what type of equipment is best for your yard can be difficult. While searching, you should consider several factors such as how your yard’s size, the landscape of your yard, and any safety features you would like to have. Educate yourself on choosing the right lawn equipment in this infographic.

Northern Powerhouse House Prices

The Northern Powerhouse is an initiative that aims to improve the economy, travel, and general quality of life for the key cities in the North of the UK, including major cities like Liverpool and Manchester. This infographic from property experts RW Invest outlines the increase of house prices within Northern Powerhouse cities, along with a rise in rental prices within these cities.

10 Valentine’s Flowers and Their Romantic Meanings

Valentine’s Day is a time when everyone celebrates love — and when you send flowers on Feb. 14, you’re honoring a long-lived tradition of winning someone’s affection. However, sending flowers of a certain kind and color may say more than you think. In this infographic, Flower Patch will guide you through 10 Valentine’s Day flowers and their meanings.

How Likely You Are to Live in a Cramped Space in 25 Major U.S. Cities

This infographic uses the “Broom Closet Index” to determine which major U.S. cities offer the smallest living spaces. The “Broom Closet Index” combines data on median housing unit size, median square foot of housing space per person, median monthly housing costs, median household income, and average cost of living. Combining these factors, the cites are ranked based on how likely you are to live in a cramped, overpriced place.

How Much a One Million Dollar Beverly Hills Home is Worth in 30 Other Markets

What do you imagine a one million dollar home would look like? A huge, lavish mansion? In most areas you’d be right. But in the celebrity home capital of the world, Beverly Hills, California, you’d be dead wrong. Real estate currently runs at over $1,600 per square foot meaning your million wouldn’t be going very far. In fact, a million dollar home in Beverly Hills comes in at just over 600 square feet.

What Do Florists Recommend?

In the florist industry, the recommendations of floral professionals vary widely. Still, customers often seek guidance from experts when preparing their gifts for holidays and upcoming events. In general, there are some evident trends among the floral community when it comes to top flowers, color schemes, tools, plants and vegetation, and types of arrangements.

The Many Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen

Many people dream of remodeling their kitchen. Some want to renovate to increase the value of their home, others want to improve the flow and finally, some simply want an update. Payless Kitchen Cabinets has created the following infographic to break down several benefits that come with a kitchen remodel.