The Rising Cost of the Average US Home

It’s all over the news and on display in this graphic from Madison Trust Company: home prices are rising dramatically. This graph shows the average American home price every year since the 60s. The information includes the average cost alongside the price adjusted for inflation.

How Much Value Does A Garden Room Add To Your Home?

The rising popularity of garden rooms as home improvement additions presents a unique opportunity to increase your property’s value. These adaptable spaces offer a peaceful refuge that seamlessly merges outdoor beauty with indoor comfort. But have you ever considered how much value a garden room can truly bring to your home? In the following infographic, look at how much value a garden room adds to your home.

How to Safely Pack a Moving Truck

Moving DIY style requires careful planning. You will need to choose the right truck size to prevent items from shifting during transit as well as utilize the proper equipment and techniques to pack efficiently and safely. In the following infographic, Price Self Storage provides a step-by-step guide for packing your moving truck like a professional mover.

Moving the White House

How many have considered what it must be like for the President of the United States to go through the tedious task of residential relocation like the rest of us? In the following infographic, Allied takes a look into just what a Presidential move at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue looks like for both the outgoing and incoming Presidents, along with their families and staff members.

Ranking the Moldiest Locations to Live

When it comes to mold growth, it’s important to remember that climate and location both play parts. Managing indoor humidity and moisture is also key. Here is an infographic that examines how weather, climate, and location can impact mold growth within a home or property. 

Key Components of a Kitchen

Do It Yourself Kitchens has created an infographic that outlines the key components of a new kitchen to help guide you through the planning for your new kitchen. It covers the name of all the normal kitchen cabinets, as well as the accessories, like plinths, light pelmets and cornice. Finally it covers the added extras, like end panels, sinks, taps and lighting.

Swimming Pool Maintenance Schedule and Tasks for Beginners

Optimize your pool’s condition effortlessly with this beginner friendly pool maintenance infographic. You’ll find a basic swimming pool maintenance schedule which lays out what you need to do for a clean pool, including when and how often to add chlorine, when to clean your pool, when to test and balance your pool water, and other routine maintenance items.

Top 10 Common AC Problems and DIY Tips

Summertime should be synonymous with comfort, yet too often, our trusty air conditioners decide to throw a curveball. Ever found yourself in a heated game of ‘Guess the AC Issue’? We’ve been there. In response, My Aire Heating and Cooling of Atlanta has distilled their expertise into the “Top 10 Common Air Conditioner Problems and DIY Tips Infographic”. Consider it your secret weapon against the capricious AC.

5 Most Common Types of Renters

Here’s an infographic, courtesy of, that looks at the five most common types of renters which include low budget lifers, treasure hunters, pessimistic, nomadic yuppies and the scorned and suspicious.