Moldy Basement Causes

From water leaks to high humidity to improperly sealed windows, there are many causes for mold growth within your home’s basement. Symptoms typically include a distinct musty smell or, more seriously, health symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and wheezing. Learn about moldy basement causes in this infographic.

Tips To Create Your She-Shed

A She-Shed is a place where women can spend their quality time by doing their favorite things like sewing, reading, relaxing, painting or just having an afternoon nap, uninterrupted by the bustle of the house. The beauty of a she-shed is that you can make anything out of it. This infographic provides tips to create that perfect She-Shed.

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Utilizing an available outdoor area offers many benefits of expanding usable space beyond your four walls. To create a unique space, you should make the area practical and allow enough room to move around freely. The following infographic from Eclipse Shading Systems looks at how to create an outdoor living space.

Top 10 US Real Estate Industry Trends and Predictions for 2019

There has been quite a lot of ups and downs in the US real estate industry in the year 2018. On the one hand, home prices increased, and the sector witnessed the labor shortage. While on the other side, technological adoption in the industry increased which was a positive sign. A lot of predictions have already been made on how the real estate industry will behave like in 2019, raising concerns for many.

15 Amazing Options For Bike Storage Inside and Outside

A great number of households have bicycles, from road bikes, standard mountain bikes to kid’s bikes. Some families use them every day, others rarely use them. For bike riders, storing bikes in tight quarters can be an invitation for all sorts of potential problems. In this infographic, discover 15 options for bike storage inside and outside your home.