What is a Whole House Surge Protector

When you think of a surge protector, you likely think of a power bar for computer components. When you plug in multiple electronics into one power bar and then plug that into one outlet, a built-in surge protector can protect your electronics from surges in the electrical system. Bring this idea to a much larger scale and consider a surge protector that can protect the entire house from these surges.

A Guide to Understanding the Tiny Homes Movement

In recent years, news of people moving to tiny houses have circulated the media. From a family of 4 in a 196-square foot trailer house, to a single man living in a cozy 83-square foot cabin, these stories show it’s possible to live in smaller dwellings while reducing expenses. The following is a visual guide which provides the historical background on the rise of the tiny homes movement.

12 Common Types of Mold Hiding in the Home

There are more than 100,000 types of mold that are found both indoors and outdoors. Some of these varieties are harmless while others can be toxigenic. A common issue for renters and homeowners is the mold that can grow in damp areas in the home. These varieties need to be dealt with immediately or they can affect your health. To help you combat these mold types ApartmentGuide has created the following guide on 12 common types of mold found in the home.

Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck?

A deck addition is a great investment and it has a good return. Outdoor living spaces are sought after, which can give you a competitive edge if you ever want to sell your house. A deck addition can increase functional outdoor living space, creating a place for spending time with family and friends. The following infographic looks to answer the question, “Do I Need a Permit To Build a Deck?”

When Should I Replace My Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an essential part of your home’s drainage system. It is a pump installed in the lowest part of the basement, used to pump out water that has collected in a basin. The sump basin is set up to collect any accumulating water that enters from drains that are part of the basement’s waterproofing system. The following infographic answers the question, “When Should I Replace My Sump Pump?”

A Guide For Outdoor Entertaining

When entertaining outdoors, it’s important to spruce up your patio area, serve food in an efficient manner, and make your guests comfortable. When designing your patio space, you should include shading options like retractable awnings or fabric covers and have plenty of light sources. In the following infographic, DIY Retractable Awnings presents a guide to outdoor entertaining. 

The Anatomy of a Shed

If you’re investing in a new shed, it’s well worth getting to grips with the bamboozling world of sheddie terminology. Over at Waltons, they know how important is to get the best garden building for your needs. So before you buy and build, be sure to check out the following infographic for a full breakdown of all the different parts that make up a shed, garden office or log cabin.