Sydney Solar Panels a Growing Trend Amidst the Covid Pandemic

Since the Pandemic began, people worldwide have been in and out of lockdowns and battling regulations affecting their workplaces or businesses. Due to these challenges, homeowners and businesses have made efforts to reduce expenses and cut costs. One way to significantly reduce monthly expenditures is to choose cost-effective electricity options such as solar energy.

How To Create a Comfortable Home Humidity Scale

When it comes to your home, Relative humidity (RH) levels can play a major role in your health. While humidity is the amount of water content in the air, relative humidity is when moisture in the air is relative to the temperature­­. RH is expressed as a percentage of the total amount of moisture the air can hold.

Metal Building Repair & Maintenance Guide

Even though metal buildings are made to last for decades, they still require maintenance. In the metal building industry, steel structures are offered with many years of rust-through warranty, but it doesn’t mean these buildings don’t require any maintenance. Routine maintenance is always the need for long-term steel building durability.

Hidden Household Hazards

Depending on the age of your home, the region it was built in, and the level of moisture and/or humidity in your home can determine how much, or how little your family could be affected by hidden household hazards. These hazards include: asbestos, radon, lead, and mold – specifically black mold. The following infographic looks at these in more detail. 

Different Products Available for Kitchen Cabinet Doors

When it comes to choosing your new kitchen cabinet doors, the options are endless and can sometimes become a little overwhelming trying to decide which product is right for you. Each product has their own pro’s and con’s. In the following infographic, explore the different products available for kitchen cabinet doors.

How to Select the Perfect Fireplace for Your Home

There is nothing like a fireplace during winter to create a cozy feeling and emit warmth. Wood fireplaces are traditional and authentic with great visual appeal, but gas fireplaces are simple to use and highly efficient in heat generation. Not to forget electric fireplaces which are the easiest to install in small spaces. Before deciding, consider these factors outlined in this infographic to help select the right fireplace for your home.

Using Address Lookup for Real Estate Sleuthing

The American housing market experienced a surge in demand during the pandemic. Mortgage rates were at their lowest, creating tremendous competition for buyers. As more people began working remotely and children attended school virtually, the search for more space became a trend. In this infographic, looks at using address lookup for real Estate sleuthing.

6 Benefits of Going Solar

Did you know that San Diego California has some of the highest energy prices in the world? A customized solar system can save you up to 70% on your energy bills and protect you from continually rising electricity prices. In this infographic, look at 6 benefits of going solar for your energy needs.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

A common site among bars and restaurants around the world, infrared outdoor heaters allow us to enjoy the great outdoors, even in the chilly winter months. During the pandemic era, the popularity of infrared outdoor heaters exploded overnight, with the hospitality sector scrambling to make outdoor dining achievable. But what sets infrared heaters apart from their gas-powered counterparts?